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p45 [To the same.] Dearest G V Wigram, -  . . . The Lord can speak the word of peace; a little love will smooth all this trouble. I was not united with the brethren for exact opinions on such or such a point, but by the love of Jesus, though truth be precious; and the Holy Ghost is able to and in love will order this. The word is sure, whereto we have already attained, let us walk by the same rule and mind the same thing - if in anything we be differently minded, God will reveal this also. That which is of the flesh will be manifested flesh, and probably there is some of it in all of us, in one as in others; but love is stronger than death. I doubt not that a little love will soothe the spirit of -, and irritation on any side is not of the grace of the Spirit of God. If it were a foundation truth for the soul, no peace could be held with error: mistake in the interpretation of Revelation, one may exercise much patience with. These things are always the sign of some other evil; but God will turn it to good. Perhaps knowledge has been too much attended to at Plymouth. The influence I had there was always and everywhere by great fundamental principles, and I trust it may ever be so, while I delight and believe in all the revelation of God as others. More humility will put all this in blessing, and perhaps it is needed to this end. I trust in the Lord for this, present or absent, that He will keep His poor children walking in love. I hold to love much more than to my views, or to those of others, or sustaining or destroying the views of others: hold fast by that, dear brother, for love is of God, and he that loveth is born of God. I fear knowledge has too much prominence at Plymouth, though it be very precious. . . . Grace be with you all, and all that love the Lord Jesus, our blessed Saviour and patient Lord, in sincerity.

Yours ever affectionately.

I am myself in great peace about all this matter; I am sure the Lord is the stronger, and that the enemy shall be found to cede, rather give occasion to a better victory; such is my conviction. . . .

Lausanne, February 3rd, 1841