Some Lessons from the Book of Exodus

Twelve Lectures given in Toronto in 1880 by F. W. Grant.

Originally published by Loiseaux Bros., and printed by Bible Truth Press, 1 East 13th Street, New York.

Lecture 1. Egypt
Lecture 2. The Call of the Deliverer
Lecture 3. A Saviour's Signs
Lecture 4. The Breadth of Salvation
Lecture 5. Under Sheltering Blood
Lecture 6. The Accompaniments of the Passover
Lecture 7. The Memorial of the Passover
Lecture 8. The Passage of the Sea
Lecture 9. The Song and the Testing
Lecture 10. The Manna
Lecture 11. Spirit and Flesh
Lecture 12. The Giving of the Law, and its Typical Meaning