The Numerical Structure of Scripture

A seal upon its perfect inspiration, and a divinely given help to its right interpretation.

Published by Loizeaux Bros., and printed by The Bible Truth Press

1 East 13th Street, New York

Lecture 1. Introductory
Lecture 2. The Scripture Numerals
Lecture 3. The Numerals Continued
Lecture 4. The Bible Books: Their Arrangement and Relationship
Lecture 5. The Books of the Prophets
Lecture 6. The Psalm-books, Gospels, and Acts
Lecture 7. The Epistles and the Revelation

Prefatory Note to the Revised Edition

A new edition of this little volume being called for, it is pleasant to find that in the twelve years that have elapsed since the first was published, so little correction should be needed, when so much further work has been done in regard to the numerals and their application to the structure of Scripture. I have not attempted to do more than make whatever might be called for in this way. The four volumes of the Numerical Bible already published will naturally show development in various ways but there has been no attempt to develop this correspondingly. In the nature of the book it is but an introduction, for which purpose much enlargement would rather injure it than otherwise.

May the Lord be pleased still to use it for the help of students of the inspired Word.

F. W. Grant. Plainfield, N. J. Sept. 25th, 1899.