Spiritual Law in the Natural World

An attempt to develop, according to scripture-truth the interpretation of nature.

By F. W. Grant.

"But ask, now, the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee; or speak to the earth, and it shall teach thee; and the fishes of the sea shall declare unto thee." (Job 12:7-8.)

Publishers: Loizeaux Brothers, 1 East 13th Street, New York.

The Bible Truth Press, New York.

Chapter 1. — Scripture as a Source of Knowledge
Chapter 2. — God's Twofold Witness
Chapter 3. — Nature in Scripture
Chapter 4. — Natural Mathematics
Chapter 5. — Spiritual Mathematics
Chapter 6. — Tones and Undertones
Chapter 7. — The Kingdoms of Nature
Chapter 8. — Animal and Human
Chapter 9. — Classification
Chapter 10. — Among the Creatures
Chapter 11. — Life in its Lowest Circle