Lectures on the Tabernacle

S. Ridout.

With Whom does God Dwell?
God's Dwelling-place
The Building of the Tabernacle:
The Linen Curtains and Colors
The Linen Curtains: their Dimensions, etc.
The Covering of Goats' Hair
The Rams' and Badgers' skins Coverings
The Boards — the Acacia Wood
The Gold upon the Wood
The Sockets and the Boards
The Veil and the Entrance
The Ark
The Mercy-seat
The Table
The Candlestick
The Golden Altar
The Anointing Oil
The Altar of Burnt-offering
The Laver
The Court
The Way of Approach to God

Introductory Note

The following pages are an endeavor to set forth, with some degree of fulness, the typical teachings of the Tabernacle. They embody therefore not only what it is hoped will be suggestive for more advanced students, but the elements, familiar to many, which are needed to give anything like a complete survey.

Being in lecture form, there is more or less of the colloquial style, which it is hoped will make the book more easily read. The writer makes no apology for what may be called the devotional tone — how can we fail to be stirred with such a theme?

Setting forth as it does the person and work of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Tabernacle occupies typically the centre of all doctrinal truth, as it did literally the centre of Israel's camp. It is necessary therefore that in anything like a full examination of its meaning there should be a full discussion of those great doctrines which it typifies. This will explain the good measure of detail in the treatment of those doctrines. In days when they are being so largely denied, this is surely not out of place.

Thanks are due to Mr. John Bloore for his excellent illustrations of the tabernacle and its furniture; made especially for this work, and in which great care has been taken to follow the exact text of Scripture. [Omitted from this digital edition, it is hope that links will be made to good quality sketches.]

That the Lord will bless this effort to set forth the glories of His beloved Son, is the prayer of the writer.