The Son of His Love

Papers on the Eternal Sonship
W. J. Hocking.

"Giving thanks to the Father Who has … translated us into the kingdom of the Son of His love." Colossians 1:12-13.

Chapter  1. — Introductory Remarks: coming forth from the Father; with Appendix A.
Chapter  2. — The Father's Love
Chapter  3. — The Beloved of the Father
Chapter  4. — Loved and in the Glory of Sonship before the World's Foundation
Chapter  5. — The only-begotten Son of God
Chapter  6. — The Word with God: the Only-begotten with the Father; with Appendix B.
Chapter  7. — Jehovah saluting his Son
Chapter  8. — New Testament use of the Second Psalm
Chapter  9. — Image and Firstborn One; with Appendix C.
Chapter 10. — The Firstborn
Chapter 11. — The Fullness of the Godhead
Chapter 12. — The Father's Audible Witness to the Son
Chapter 13. — The Son, Himself God and Jehovah, as God's Spokesman; with Appendix D.
Chapter 14. — Before the Foundation of the World and before the Ages of Time
Chapter 15. — The Manifestation in the Son
Chapter 16. — Concluding Remarks: Sonship and Service