Esther Anderson

(The beloved wife of Norman Anderson)

"Touched with the feeling of our infirmities"

Courage, dear one, He knows all thy sorrows;
Knows every burden that thou hast to bear.
Not only knows, but says He'll be with thee,
Yea, every trial and grief will He share.

Tell all to Jesus, He will sustain thee,
Comfort and grace will He give thee each day,
Lifting thy heart above all the pressure
So to say truly, "The Lord is my stay."

Soon 'twill be o'er, the trial and testing,
Soon every sorrow forever be past.
Soon in that home, blest house of the Father,
Where are the joys that forever shall last.

The Life More Abundant

By Thy grace, Lord, Thou hast brought us
To that circle all divine:
There to hear the sweet outbreathings
Of the Father's love and Thine.

By the Spirit's power we enter
That blest home of love and joy,
Where Eternal life is centred
In that scene without alloy.

'Twas Thy cross that ope'd the fountain
Of the Father's wondrous love.
Help us, Lord, while trav'ling homeward,
More of that deep love to prove.

Oh, how sweet, e'en now to know it,
Yea, while pilgrims here below:
But that blessed day is dawning
When that love we'll fully know.

Wondrous joy the thought affords us,
When at home in glory fair
In that circle, bright, eternal,
Love's sweet portion we shall share.


Longing am I to be with my Saviour.
Longing, forever, from earth to be free.
Longing to be in that scene, bright, eternal.
Longing to see the blest Man of the Tree.

Longing to be from earth and its sorrow.
Longing to be where sin cannot come.
Longing to see the King in His beauty.
Longing to be with the Victor at Home.

Lifted Up

John 3, 8, & 12.

Moses lifted up the serpent
In that day so long ago.
The Son of Man must be uplifted,
Life eternal to bestow.

At the Cross the mighty ocean
Of God's love flowed full and free,
For 'twas there that Christ was smitten,
There — on that accursed Tree.

Thus as Son of Man He suffered —
The I AM was lifted up
As the Sent One of the Father
By His own rejected thus.

Some there were His Words Believed,
His disciples these — indeed.
In His Word they would continue,
By the Truth — the Son, be freed.

At the Cross this world met judgment;
Thus, its prince cast out would be.
Christ has said of His uplifting,
"I shall draw all men to Me."

Soon that blessed day is coming —
Glorious answer to the Tree —
Saints, and Israel, yea, the Nations,
ALL men, Saviour, drawn to Thee.

Thou art worthy, glorious Saviour,
Of that answer, yet to be.
NOW our hearts that place accord Thee,
As we think of Calvary.

Retrospect —  Prospect

Looking back o'er life's experience
Of Thy loving, tender, care:
If some painful, we can bless Thee,
Thou wast there each one to share.

In each one Lord, Thou would'st have us
Ever, only, seek Thy face:
Then to know the sweet uplifting
Of Thy giving — grace on grace.

Soon that blessed day is coming
When, from every care set free,
We shall be with Thee, blest Saviour,
There to dwell eternally.

In the meantime, may we daily
Seek "Thy Will" e'en now to prove;
Knowing that which Thou allowest
Only can work for our good.

"All the way"

Deut. 8:2.

Blest Lord, we trace Thy goodness
Toward us ev'ry day.
Compassions, new each morning,
Bestrew our pilgrim way.

No need but Thou dost meet it —
With joy our hearts confess.
The ravens — thou dost feed them,
Shall we, Thy saints, be less?

In times of old Thy people
Didst see Thine arm made bare,
Help us then too, blest Saviour
To cast on Thee our care.

Make Thy blest Word our comfort,
Thyself our constant stay,
Till with Thee, Lord, in glory,
We'll praise Thee for "the Way."

"Our years"

Looking back o'er life's long journey
Surely you can truly say,
"Hitherto the Lord has helped me,
He has been my joy and stay".

May you prove His love more fully
As another year you see —
Leaving all your future with Him
Who has said, "I'll ne'er leave thee."

You have reached another milestone,
Threescore years and ten have passed:
If by strength your years be longer,
He'll still bring you home at last.


Oh, how good to see, Lord Jesus,
In Thy death upon the tree,
All my sins, my guilt — their judgment,
Borne, blest, Saviour, there for me.

Give me then, to learn the lesson,
Not my sins alone, but "I"
In Thy cross condemned, am ended
From before God's holy eye.

Not "In Adam" now my standing,
In God's Word this truth I see,
Now "In Christ" — no condemnation,
Wondrous grace! all this for me.

Looking off from self to Jesus,
Out of death, alive, for me;
CHRIST, the mighty One — deliverer,
All my strength is now in Thee.

May the Holy Spirit teach me
More of risen life with Thee;
Thus, responsive to His teaching,
CHRIST ALONE, my life shall be.

The Mystery of God's Will

Ephesians 1.

Oh, what richest thoughts of blessing
God has purposed for His own:
Blest with ev'ry spiritual blessing,
Now, in Christ, to us made known.

Riches of God's grace, abounding
Through Christ's death upon the tree;
Love of God, so great, eternal,
There flowed out so full and free.

Mighty power that raised up Jesus,
Brought Him from among the dead,
Seated Him in highest glory,
Joined us thus to Him our Head.

Wondrous day of God's appointing!
Christ — supreme —  shall then be shewn
To a wondering creation;
Blessed thought not then alone.

Purpose, Person, and the Power,
Working all, for this alone,
Have produced the church, His Partner,
She shall share His glorious throne.

Who could raise such thoughts of blessing?
Thine they must be, God, alone.
Thine the thought, the plan, the purpose,
Our glad hearts in worship own.

"He is able"

"He is able," sound the message!
All who come to God by Him
He can save unto the utmost;
Take away their every sin.  Hebrews 7:25.

"He can save, but can He keep me?"
Yes! The answer comes to you.
Paul could say that He is able,  2 Timothy 1:12.
Trust Him NOW and prove Him true.

Christ — alone gives satisfaction,
Every other stream runs dry.
Living water He doth give thee,  John 4:13-14.
Springing up to God on high.

With the message comes the warning,
"He is able to destroy."
Sinner, Turn, at once, to Jesus:  James 4:12.
Flee the judgment — know His joy.

Oh! how blest the Christian's portion,
By that One who ever liveth,
Christ — the Father's glorified.

"All things new"

No more nights of restless tossing,
No more nights of racking pain,
In that scene of peaceful resting,
Where such things no entrance gain.

No more pain! how good to know it;
No more sorrow, tears, or death;
All the former things departed,
When we reach that scene at length.

"All things new," this is the message
From that One upon the Throne.
"Write: these words are true and faithful."
Came the answer, "It is done."

"Lama sabachthani"

Hark the cry from out the darkness,
"Why hast Thou forsaken Me?"
On that cross the righteous basis
Laid that sinners might go free.

Men could shoot the lip and scorn Thee!
Many bulls surround Thee there.
They could barter for Thy raiment,
Sinful men all this could dare.

What it meant to Thee, blest Saviour,
Sinners saved, shall never know,
When on Calvary's cross as victim,
Thou God's wrath didst undergo.

There Thou didst exhaust the judgment,
"It is finished" loud Thy cry.
From the unicorns God heard Thee,
Nevermore, Lord, wilt Thou die.

Thou are not alone now, Saviour;
Thou, the corn of wheat, hast died.
Many brethren now surround Thee,
Now Thou art the glorified!

To Thy brethren Thou declarest,
Even now, the Father's Name
In the midst Thou lead'st the singing
Praise and worship, Him acclaim.

Jacob's seed, Lord, too shall own Thee;
All the world must own Thy Name,
All earth's kindreds give Thee worship;
All shall then extol Thy fame.

Perfect Love

Holy Father, we now bless Thee
For the love which Thou hast shown;
Sending Him, Thy Son, the Saviour,
Thus to men Thy love's made known.

Wondrous grace! our hearts confess it,
"Jesus Christ is come in flesh;"
He has made propitiation —
Now, the sinner can be blest.

By the Spirit we confess Thee,
Jesus Christ, the Son of God;
And in love we're ever dwelling
Where all things are given of God.

Perfect love! it gives us boldness,
Even for the judgment day;
We, as He, are free from judgment
In this present world we say.

Endless love! which now encircles:
Perfect love! which casts out fear:
Spring from Him who first has loved us —
In response, we hold Him dear.

May that love flow out unhindered
Unto all who are His own:
Through the Holy Spirit's power
Will this love of God be shown.

Keep our hearts, O blessed Saviour,
In that circle all divine:
There, no thought of man doth enter,
Only love, divine, shall shine.

Amazing Grace

Lord, we wonder at Thy coming,
Marvel at Thy stoop of grace.
Not a need, but Thou did'st meet it,
When on earth Thy path we trace.

In that path of lowly service
Thy delight — to do God's will.
Satan — men — could ne'er deter Thee
From the path to Calvary's hill.

Puny man would judge his Maker,
Thou, in love didst bear it all:
Ever was the Cross before Thee —
There, on Thee, God's wrath didst fall.

Lord, Thy death has ope'd the flood gates
Of God's vast, eternal love.
Now it flows to "whosoever,"
From Thyself, now crowned above.

Help us ever to remember
What the cost all meant for Thee
And with hearts to Thee devoted
Christ, alone, "our life" may be.


Armed with Letters to Damascus
Saul raged on his cruel way,
Hailing those to death and prison
Who confessed the "Jesus way."   Gen. 49:27.

Suddenly a light from heaven
Shone above the noonday sun:
By the voice which came from glory   Acts 9:2.
Saul, the ravening wolf, was won.

Stricken down was he with blindness,
For three days he saw no man;
But with heart engrossed with heaven,
All Christ's glory he did scan.

As delivered from the darkness
His great passion hence would be,
To tell others Who had saved him —    Gal. 2:20.
"Son of God, who loved me."

Feared no longer as destroyer,
He was hailed as "brother Saul."
He did preach, exhort, encourage,  Isaiah 11:6.
Bidding all to heed Christ's call.

How he witnessed before rulers,
Kings, all men, both great and small,
Telling oft' the wondrous story
Of his Saviour's loving call.   Acts 26:28.

All things now were loss for Jesus,
For the knowledge of His Lord;
Such a sight he'd had of glory,
In that Man whom he adored.   Philippians 3:48.

Gospel Blessings

Romans 5:1-11.

Through Thy death, our loving Saviour,
Thou hast cleared us from all guilt:
Now by faith we are justified,
'Twas for this Thy blood was spilt.

Peace with God, is ours Lord Jesus,
And by faith we've access too.
Into grace unclouded favour,
Blessed standing, ever true.

Tribulation worketh patience,
And our hope no shame imparts;
For the Holy Ghost's indwelling
Sheds God's love within our hearts.

Thus the certain hope of glory
Makes these hearts of ours rejoice:
Great the favour of our standing
Since we've heard Thy welcome voice.

Blessed truth! Our God commendeth
His great love to sinners thus —
While we as yet were enemies —
Amazing grace! Christ died for us.

Reconciled through Thee, Lord Jesus,
Now through grace we joy in God:
Blessed fruit, Lord, of Thy sorrow
And the virtue of Thy blood.

A Word for Today

Lawlessness and sin and sorrow,
Rampage in the world today:
Proof of all man's disobedience
'Slaved in Satan's grip and sway.

To this world there came the Saviour,
Ever blest, Obedient One —
His delight to please the Father —
Holy, spotless, sinless Son.

Through Thy death Thou hast begotten
Those like Thee — obedient ones:
May Thy life, Lord, be our pattern,
Though Thou now to heaven hast gone.

In our hearts promote desire
To Thy Word to conformed be —
Cheerful, and with glad devotion,
Seeking only to please Thee.

May it be with deep Conviction
That we keep Thy Word most dear;
Holding fast the Fundamentals
In that Word enshrined so clear.

Not with any legal bondage
Would we hold these truths so dear,
But because we love Thee, Saviour,
And Thy precious Word revere.

And dear Lord, in all our service,
May our motive be — to Thee.
Grant that e'en Communicating
May be done ungrudgingly.

Thus, with Holy Ghost CONVICTION,
As we wait for Christ, our Saviour,
And His Holy Word perform.

Hebrews 12

Seeing such a cloud of worthies,
Casting every weight aside
With the sin which doth beset us,
Let us in Faith's race abide.

Looking off, alone to Jesus,
Author, Finisher, of faith;
May we follow His example,
While His wondrous path we trace.

For the joy Thou had'st before Thee,
Thou, the Cross endured — alone;
All its shame by Thee despised,
Thou art crowned upon the Throne.

May we not despise Thy chastening,
Ordered by Thy heart of love;
Fainting not, Lord, underneath it —  
Exercised — its value prove.

Soon we'll be with Thee, Lord Jesus,
Soon the race of Faith be run;
May the lessons Thou hast taught us
Earn for us, Thy words, "Well done."

"The Father sent the Son"

1 John 4:14.

Wondrous love! The Father sent Him
To this world of sin and woe:
By His own He was rejected
When He came God's love to show.

See that blessed, lowly Stranger
Here on earth  to God's will
Though it meant for Him — forsaking —
There alone on Calvary's hill.

Lord, it fills our hearts with worship
As Thy pathway we retrace,
Telling out to needy sinners
All God's wondrous love and grace.

Now Thy path of suff'ring's over,
Now Thou art the glorified:
Now Thy God hath Thee exalted,
He is highly satisfied.

Soon the blessed day is coming
Then all men shall Thee confess;
Every heart shall give Thee worship,
Willing lips their praise express.


'Tis our delight and our joy just to gather
Saviour, alone unto Thy precious Name;
Just to recall Thy blest path of obedience:
Thy wondrous cross with its sorrow and shame.

Thou didst come down Lord, in love to Thy Father,
His blessed will was Thy constant delight;
Fraught with His love, and with deepest compassion,
E'en for Thy creatures in sin's darkest night.

Filled with such thoughts our glad hearts adore Thee,
Praise too, and worship in God's holy ear,
For Thy great love and the price paid to save us,
Purchase our pardon and bring us so near.

Lord, till Thy coming, Thy death we'd remember;
Hasten that day when Thy face we shall see,
When all Thy loved ones surround Thee in glory —
All the blest fruit of Thy death on the tree.

"The Lord himself"

1 Thessalonians 4:16.

The Lord Himself is coming:
We'll meet Thee in the air,
Be with Thee, like Thee, ever,
And Thy bright glory share.

What joy the thought doth give us
To be with Thee above;
Where sin nor death can enter
That scene of perfect love.

Yet ere this blessed portion
Our happy lot could be,
The Lord Himself must suffer
In love upon the Tree.

Such love as Thine, blest Saviour,
Moves now our hearts to praise:
'Twill be our song in glory,
When on Thy face we gaze.

Soon, soon, the vast creation,
Shall with Thy praises ring;
Then, every voice shall own Thee,
The rightful Lord and King.

For Christ

Thine O God, the plan, the counsel,
There should be in glory fair —
With Thy Son — a blest companion,
Who would all His glory share.

Lord, Thy love, so deep, eternal,
Brought Thee down from glory's height
To secure Thy Church, so precious,
For Thy 'lasting, deep delight.

Soon with Thee in brightest glory, Lord,
Thy ransomed Bride shall be —
She, on whom Thy love was centred
There at darkest Calvary.

Thou art sanctifying, cleansing,
Washing, by Thy Holy Word,
In this day of preparation,
For the day of glory, Lord.

In that day of presentation
Then Thy Church shall glorious be:
Not a spot, no, not a wrinkle —
But in all, conformed to Thee.

And when kingdom days are over
Still Thy Church shall be to Thee
Object of Thy heart's affection —
Yea! throughout eternity.

Greater than Joseph

As the Sent One of the Father
Thou didst come His love to show:
So that love in all its fulness
Sinful man might truly know.

All Thy works of grace, blest Saviour,
Could not bring the creature nigh:
Calvary's Cross must be Thy portion —
There the Suffering One to die.

God has raised and Thee exalted,
The Supreme One, glorified:
Every knee shall bow before Thee,
Thou shalt yet be magnified.

Lord, through sovereign grace we own Thee
As the Satisfying One;
Keep our hearts in blest communion,
Holy, blest, Eternal Son.

"The Son of God is come"

Son of God, in incarnation
Second Man come from above:
Wondrous grace, to man revealing
All the fulness of God's love.

Mighty stoop! In love surpassing
Thou wast found by shepherds thus:
Virgin's son — the Saviour, Jesus,
Yea, Emmanuel — god with us.

In Thy path of blest obedience
Needy sinners Thou didst bless:
Works of grace and power revealing
Who Thou wast — God, ever blest.

Lord, Thy works of power could never
Bring Thy guilty creatures nigh:
Thou must bear the sin, the judgment,
Wondrous love; Thou camest to die.

Now God's love flows out unhindered
Through Thy death upon the Tree;
On that Cross Lord, Thou wast smitten
So that sinners might go free.

When with Thee, Lord, in the glory,
To God's Lamb our song shall be:
Worship, honour, praise, and glory,
Thine, throughout eternity.

"To the uttermost"

Child of God, look up to Jesus,
'Tis for thee He intercedes:
See thy great High Priest in heaven,
He doth know thy every need.

Let thy tears flow in His presence,
Blessed place of sweet relief;
For His love will there enfold thee,
Give to thee the needed peace.

Not a trial, nor a sorrow,
But thy Saviour has been through:
He has grace and strength to succour,
Trust Him and you'll prove Him true.

Blessed hope, both sure and steadfast,
Mighty anchor for the soul
Into heaven itself He's entered,
Blessed proof we'll reach the goal.

Lead On

Help me, Lord, to leave the future
In Thy blest unerring hand.
Thou hath promised to be with me
Naught can fail which Thou hast planned.

Step by step, the path unfolding,
Give me grace to follow Thee,
Know the joy of Thy directing
Till Thy blessed face I see.

In the meantime wilt Thou keep me
Ever walking in Thy ways:
Pressing onward, ever upward,
Raising now my song of praise.

Probably her last verses, found in her notebook after her Home call.