Psalm 63

A Song for the Wilderness

N. Anderson.

What can I do in the wilderness — where there is loneliness, distress, affliction, sorrow, even persecution? Cast myself upon God Who cares for me and is unfailing!

"Early will I seek Thee" — Having known Him in the secret of His presence, in the Sanctuary, in communion with its resultant praise, I would also know Him where the pressure is. Too, sadly, Sanctuary experience is uncommonly rare, yet we may know Him — He would have us know Him — in the wilderness as in the Sanctuary.

"Thy power, Thy glory" — power which supports, glory which transports — surely the wilderness blossoms as the rose! Praise flows to Thee, for Thy loving kindness which is better than life. Life is so uncertain and so brief: His loving kindness is so sure, so enduring! This makes life worth living, even with its trials, causing the soul to bless God's Name.

O grace, which evokes response from the barren sands; satisfaction! The fatness of God's house makes the soul rejoice indeed — and so, to praise.

The bed of affliction becomes the bed of His remembrance — the place of sweet meditation. The sense of His protective covering sustains the joy of the soul.

"Thy right hand" is for Thine own — Thine enemies will know it in deserved judgment: we know it now in blessing while anticipating the day when the King shall come into His own. Then shall everyone, who is cast upon Him, glory.