Articles which in a preliminary search do not appear in this form in JND's commonly-known writings.

True Greatness fragment, 3 paras on a card  Hammond
None but Thyself, poem 3 verses-found in his bible (not JND?)  20 Paternoster Sq.
"His praise shall continually be in my mouth" Phil. 4, 16pp sml pphlt  Stow Hill
What characterises the Christian & secures his blessing Rom. 8, 32pp sml bklt  Morrish 20 Paternoster Sq.
Part with Christ Jn 13:1-17 Unrevised notes of a lecture, 32 pp sml bklt  Morrish 20 Paternoster Sq.
"The Lord's testing & love" with ("The Lord's Approval"-17pra2)Gospl trct 4pp Grace & Truth
"Some better thing" 4pp tract subject mystery/church  Mt. Wash Ma USA
The true grace of God wherein ye stand 16pp sml bklt like "Why do I groan"  Morrish 20 P Sq.
God manifested and Glorified Unrevised notes of a Lecture  16pp bklt Morrish 20 Paternoster Sq.
What the world is and how a Christian can live in it  16pp bklt Morrish 20 Paternoster Sq.
Evil thoughts unbidden & hated 2pp of 4pp tract, (Truth for the Day).  20 Paternoster Sq.
The Unsought love of God, 4pp Gospel tract  "P" London N 21
Man's heart & God's heart, 24pp, Unrevised Morrish, (also as Man's Hatred & Christ's Love, 12pp, Weston.)
Notes of a Lecture 24pp small bklt  Morrish 20 Paternoster Sq.
Address at funeral of 14 year old boy 1 Thess. 2. May 2 1845
The Object of Prophecy, 8pp bklt  R. L. Allan 15 Paternoster Row
On eternal life [extracts]16pp bklt  W. H. Broom & Rouse 15, 16 P. Sq.
The Standing and State of the Believer, 32pp bklt  A. S. Rouse 15 Paternoster Sq.
The Standing and State of the Believer, 32 pp bklt, 3 parts,
parts 1 & 3 in 16pra1p179 & 12eva1 p361
part 2-possession of Eternal Life 15 pages  A. S. Rouse 15 Paternoster Sq.
The Service of Women (card), fragment  Morrish
White as Snow, 3pp, (The Blood of the Lamb & Other Ministry)  Hammond
The Blessings which characterize Christianity, 3pp-ditto
Treasure in Earthen Vessels, 2 Cor. 4, 8pp  Morrish
A Just God and a Saviour John 8:1-11, small 12pp  Morrish
"The Lord Himself Shall Descend" small 32pp  Morrish
New Creation Col. 2:1-15, 18pp (Food for the Flock vol. 6. 1879)  W. B. Horner 27 P Sq.
Brief Notes of a Reading on the Unity of the Spirit (Food for the Flock 1883)
Utter Ruin-The Ground of Complete Blessing. (Food for the Flock 1883)
On Haggai 2:5-9, (The Investigator, 1832, 1833).
Unpublished letter to (J. L.?) Harris, July 1850 from France, (Current Objections and their Fallacies etc., pages 62-3).
Notes of addresses at Edinburgh 22-24 Oct 1868 60pp  Allan/Morrish/Dub/N Shields/Edinb.
Thursday morning very similar to 32mis1 pp 227
Thursday evening  Romans 6
Fri morning  Ephesians 1:9 (27exp6, pg 133)
Fri evening  Hebrews 9
Sat morning Reading  Philippians
Collectanea-JND, JGB, GVW. Ministry at Leamington 3-7 June, 1839  J. S. Robertson Edinburgh. 1882
The Heavenly and the Earthly Jerusalems 12 pp (like but not same as 32mis1 p267)
Rev. 22:7-17  5 pp
The Word of God, and the knowledge of it  6 pp
Rev 1-20  8 pp
2 Samuel 22, 23:1-7  5 pp
The Dispensations and the Remnants  9 pp
Notes of Addresses Vol. 1 - The Perfect Man,  Luke 22, 23  6pp
 Vol. 2 - Light, Love and Life,  John 3  9pp
 Eternal Life,  John 6,  7pp
 Where I am ye cannot come,  John 7,  6pp Morrish
Words of Help Vol. 22, 1933
pp 16-18 The Christian Divinely Pictured Jn 12:1-2
pp 19  Nothing Like Him
pp 228-9 Brief Notes on the First Chapter of John
Words of Grace for the Household of Faith, Vol. 2, 1899
pp48-51 No. 1 2 Cor 5
pp75-6  2 Matt. 27:22-fin
pp99-106  3 God in Christ
pp137-9  4 Redemption
The Christian Friend 1883
pp 57-61 The Nazarite (Notes of a Reading)  Num. 6
pp 253-60 Power for Conflict  Josh. 3
The Christian Friend 1884
pp 85-91 The Call of Abram (notes)  Gen. 12:1-10
pg 107  Extract from an unpublished letter
pp 113-7 On Hebrew 2  Heb. 2
The Christian Friend and Instructor 1887
pp 57-60 The Cleansing of the Leper (Trans. from early Swiss addresses) Lev. 14:10-20
pp 85-7  The Lord's Departure (Early address trans. from French)  Luke 22:1-38
pp 214-6 The Priestly Garments (Trans. from early Swiss addresses) Ex. 28
pp 148-53 Notes of a Reading on (1879)  Colossians 1  pp 121-8 Treasure in Earthen Vessels (1872)  2 Cor. 4
The Christian Friend 1888
pp 281-4 True Nazariteship  Luke 22:14-30
pp 237-41 The Present Effect Of Waiting For Christ
pp 57-64 The Temptation Of Christ (Lecture 1872))  Matt. 4:1-12
pp 197-201 Self-knowledge (1878)  Deut. 8
The Christian Friend 1889
pp 29-35 Obedience and Manifestation (Notes of an Address, 1872) John 14:18-28
pp 57-61 A "Man in Christ" and the Flesh (Trans. from French)  2 Cor 12
The Christian Friend 1893
pp 1-9  The Second Coming of Christ (A Reading Malvern 1880) Luke 12:34-59
pp 85-7  Liberality of Heart (Notes of a Reading)  Num. 7
pp 113-6 Service (Notes of a Reading)  Num. 8
pg 140  fragment (what Christianity is)
pp 141-5 Remembrance of Deliverance; And Guidance
 (Unrevised notes of a Reading)  Num. 9
pp 197-200 The Testimony of the Presence of God, the Power of
 Assembling and Journeying (Unrevised notes of a Reading)  Num. 10
pp 225-9 (Malvern 1880)  Deut. 26
pp 238-42 The Failure of the Flesh (Notes of a Reading)  Num. 11
Helps in Things Concerning Himself Vol. 1 Ed. W.T.T.
pp 197-208 Grace and Glory  Titus 2
Helps in Things Concerning Himself Vol. 2, 1892.
pp 14-24 "That I may win Christ"  Phil 3.
pp 40-5  "What hath God Wrought?"  Num. 33:23.
pp 124-132 Peace, Grace, and Glory.  Rom. 5:1-11.
pp 140-7 God speaking from Heaven  Heb. 12:18-29.
pp 176-186 The Presence of Christ and Spiritual Intelligence
pp 196-203 "God was in Christ."  2 Cor. 5.
pp 225-233 Searched and Known  Ps. 139.
pp 258-269 The Heavens Opened  Acts 7.
Helps in Things Concerning Himself Vol. 3
pp 194-6 (Notes of a lecture)  John 17
Helps in Things Concerning Himself Vol. 5
pp 32-6  (Notes of a lecture taken by E. L. B.)  Matt. 16:13-28
Bible Herald, 1877
pp 322-8  Sorrows and Triumphs
pp 223-31 & 250-6 What does the Coming of the Comforter Mean?
pp 332-337  Sins blotted out and glory seen
Bible Herald 1883
pp74-9  The Spirit's Presence in the Church (Notes of a Lecture 1860) 1 Sam. 6 & 2 Sam 6

The Second Advent & Reign of The Lord Jesus Christ 22pp Select Series No. 3. W. Porteous 18 Wicklow Street Dublin.  Reprinted by Morrish as 64pp sml bklt
Job's Question and God's Answer Gospel Tract 16pp  W. H. Broom & Rouse 15, 16 P. Sq.
The Source of true peace Gospel Tract 12pp  W. H. Broom 25 Paternoster Sq.
Praise 8pp  W. Walters 26 Islington Row B.ham
The Unity of the Spirit Eph. 4:3 folded pphlt 8pp  no publisher mentioned
The Christian and Politics 16pp bklt  A. S. Rouse 15 & 16 Paternoster Sq.
What is the difference between the coming (παρουσια)οφ Χηριστ το ρεχείε Ηισ σαιντσ,
and His appearing (επιφανεια)ιν γλορψ ωιτη τηεμ. 40pp bklt.  Morrish 20 Paternoster Sq.
The Unity of the Spirit (extract?) 3pp pphlt  no publishers name
In a leather-bound volume of early tracts:
A letter on the church of the scriptures 12pp  W H Broom
One Body and one Spirit 4pp  G Littlewood Finsbury
A few remarks on the making & preparation, by God, of servants for His work 7pp J B Bateman 1 Ivy L., P. Row