On the Coming of the Lord.

J. N. Darby.

Notes taken at a meeting of brethren in London, July, 1841.

(extracted from Simple Testimony, 1845)

The coming of the Lord Jesus Christ has an aspect, as to conscience, toward the whole world. As to conscience, we stand here in the world; but it has its joys for the heart of a saint, and these things the world can know nothing about.

You act upon the conscience of a saint, as in the world, because he has the same flesh as the world. You would act on his conscience as to falling away, and he never falls away. I would subject my conscience to the Lord's coming, as to the things here; but when He comes I shall come with Him.

We never should forget that while down here we never get out of the region of conscience, however high we get into the region of bliss.