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J. N. Darby.

(Notes and Comments Vol. 2.)

What a comfort it is to find such a history as this after the end of Judges - refreshing and pleasant to the heart to see that, in spite of all, God has a people where the sweet and pleasant fruits of His grace show themselves and ripen before Him, plants of His garden though they be in a bleak and lonely world, and cared for by Him though little noticed by the world, and happy to pass through it unheeded by it.

How little Israel at large cared for Ruth or her affairs? But He did, under whose wings she was come to trust. An active faith that brings us, is better than all other that goes on in what is enjoyed. Yet this has its place, compare 2 Timothy 1:5. But this has its place rather when positive service is over; compare John 19:26-27. But how much larger a space in history and in Israel's thoughts did such a scene as Judges 20 take.

Note, it is Jehovah all through this book.