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J. N. Darby.

(Notes and Comments Vol. 2.)

As to the testimony or Gospel - there will be always a testimony - prophetic within or evangelic without, for that I apprehend is the universal distinction - until, as to Jerusalem, the times of vengeance, of God's judgment preclude it. It may vary its form, adapt itself (as being of God, it must) to the circumstances and time, but there will always be one until the judgment and blessing arrives. I do not see that the times of vengeance at Jerusalem preclude the testimony in the world at large in general.

As to particular revelations as to it - the everlasting Gospel, it would seem, goes out before the coming of Christ or the destruction of the beast, perhaps before the destruction of Babylon; it applies to heathen, at least to idolaters. The mind of this in Israel is in Psalm 96, the judgment and introduction of the first-begotten is in Psalm 97. Query, if the Gospel of the kingdom be not connected with this, though spoken of more generally - Psalm 2 as a great thesis gives the principles.