J. N. Darby.

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(Notes and Comments Vol. 3.)


I have not the means yet of clearing up particularly the force of Olam*, verse 11. But the force of verse 2 is stronger than I supposed, "Who knoweth the spirit of a man?" It, which ascends upward, and the spirit of a beast, it, which descends downward to the earth? It is a sad ignorance no doubt, but it affirms very distinctly that man's spirit goes up - the beast's descends downwards to the earth, is lost in the material creation in a way unknown to us. He does not know what becomes of man's spirit neither, but it does go up to what is out of, and above the earth. Ya-da (knew) - acquainted with - the knowledge we have in ourselves - I know - I have the knowledge of the thing in my mind; there is also na-char (recognised); compare chap. 12:7.

{*Translated "World."}


- 11. "Wisdom is good as an inheritance" (even as can be compared with) "and it is excellent for those who see the sun."

- 12. "Wisdom is a protection, money is a protection: but knowledge is excellent." "Wisdom causes to live, those who possess it."