The Spirit's Work

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J. N. Darby.

(Notes and Comments Vol. 5.)

We see the Spirit's work in Creation, in the Samsons, Jephthas, Sauls, and even Balaam - then in the Prophets, calling back to the Law, and foretelling Messiah, suffering, and the glories to follow. But here though called the Spirit of Christ, yet it was a divine Person working in a divine way to manifest power, or deal with God's people from without. This went on till John. He was Messiah's forerunner - it was a transition time. Then on Christ, as Man, the Holy Spirit came down as a dove. He was anointed and sealed, but He only - on this to be declared Son of God by John. And then the heavens opened, He anointed, and the Father owning Him as His Son, the Man that was there, the Second Man and last Adam, personally though yet alone. For, except the Corn of Wheat fall into the ground and die, it must abide alone. Even then Christ was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to overcome for us, fully tested here below. Through the eternal Spirit He offered Himself without spot to God. But He was alone. But then, what no heart can tell or fathom, the blessed Son of God, the lowly One, and the Just, was made sin for us, and we can say: He hath borne our sins in His own body on the tree. Now He is risen - all that is passed - that wonderful atonement has been made, in the very place of our sin in absolute and perfect obedience and love to the Father - God perfectly glorified. Sin, death, Satan's power, God's forsaking, and judgment against sin, all passed, and Man owned of God as to His work, and having glorified God as made sin, is passed into the divine glory to begin all afresh in a place, the consequence of redemption, and thence, having in that place received the Holy Ghost, has sent it down to believers - not to man in the flesh, or the world (though the Gospel goes out to them by it) - to associate them with and unite them to Him who, glorified, begins all afresh.