The Cry of Christ

Notes and Comments Vol. 6.

J. N. Darby.

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The cry of Christ is of wonderful power and character; 2 Cor. 6:2. His cry was the perfect expression of His nature, of a divine apprehension of evil, death, and judgment - the expression in need of all that God was against sin, when that came before His soul, so that He had the consciousness of that need according to the perfection of His judgment of evil, His sense of need as Man under it, and thus in the perfect claim of what He was in Person, and in glorifying God in His work. Hence God's answer must be according to all this, according to the perfection of this claim in the Person of Christ, and hence salvation, our salvation is just this, the necessity of God's answering Christ according to the claim Christ had, and the cry made to Him. He was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father. What a wonderful salvation! And how it places us in the intimacy of the Father's acceptance of the Son! Hence in Psalm 22, when heard from the horns of the unicorn, His first thought is: "I will declare thy name unto my brethren," and then He praises, in the joy of the answer, and relationship with His Father into which He enters on the answer, "in the midst of the congregation." His God and our God, His Father and our Father, and all the joy He has in coming, with: "Therefore doth my Father love me," added to His everlasting delight, into the renewed light of His Father's countenance, He puts us in and we sing with Him in it. Our salvation is in the perfectness of God's necessary answer to Christ's cry, according to the claim of Christ, and what God must feel about it, and as to it.