Notes of Addresses

Dublin, July, 1868.

J. N. Darby.

(Words in Season, Vol. 2, 1888, page 254.)

In Romans, man is looked upon as living in sins, and needing justification.

In Ephesians, man is looked on as dead in sins, and justification is not spoken of.

Hebrews is more contrast than comparison.

In passing through this world, we need the word and the priesthood - the word, to judge our conduct - the priesthood to support us.

The enjoyment of the consciousness that I know God depends on my walking with Him.

Holiness and truth are the characteristics of Christ.

In Rev. 3:1-2, what a strange thing! God saying they were dead and yet expecting perfect works!

If we have to wait for Christ, He has to wait; and we have only to wait until He has done waiting.

One of the characteristics of true faith is lasting out to the end: Saul's faith did not last, and he lost the kingdom.

Wherever there is conscious strength, there is real weakness: and wherever there is conscious weakness, there is real strength.

It is a dark world; but at night if I see a light, it is the nearest thing to me; so is Christ's coming.

The nearer you are to Christ, the more you will find out His greatness and your nothingness; the nearer you are to man, the more you will find out his weakness.

It is a great mistake to say you should not always be on the mount: it was after Paul came down from the mount he was in danger of being puffed up.

We are blessed with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ: the Jews were blessed with earthly blessings in the land.

The very things which Christ would have had to judge in us at the throne, God has judged Christ for at the cross.

The world ought to read Christ in us, just as they would the ten commandments on the two tables.

It is God's view of the Blood - not mine - which gives me peace; I rest in His estimate of it - not mine.

"He shall go no more out" - he may have been cast out here below, but up there he shall go no more out, i.e., when he shall have once come.

Does Christ's approbation satisfy your heart in going through this world?

Quickening means nothing short of the impartation of divine life to the soul.

Quickening and sealing are different things, as much as building a house is different from coming and dwelling in it.

But there is no reason against a soul being quickened and at once sealed on his believing in the person and work of Christ, for the Holy Ghost is come down from heaven.

The terms on which souls get the Spirit is faith in the person and work of Christ.