The Cross.

J. N. Darby.

(Words of Faith, Vol. 3, 1884, page 244.)

I see how, in the cross, the whole question of good and evil was brought to an issue in every way. First, it was the complete display of man's enmity against God - the contemptuous rejection, alas! of God - come in love, for His love He had "hatred;" and in every detail, disciples, priests, Pilate, all bring out the evil that was in man. Then Satan's power is fully manifested, and that over men in their passions, and in one sense in death, at least in the sorrow of Christ's soul.

Next, I get the perfect Man as nowhere else - perfect love to the Father; perfect, absolute, obedience; and that in the very place of sin, and the cup it had filled. And this in human weakness, Satan's power (though above both, by looking to God), and the forsaking of God.

And, then, God Himself, in perfect righteousness against sin, and sovereign, perfect, infinite love to the sinner, His majesty and truth, both made good.

Such is the cross! In the history of eternity it stands alone.

Man in God's glory is its blessed result. J. N. D.