Studies on the Book of Daniel

J. N. Darby.

Lecture 1 — Daniel 1 - 2
Lecture 2 — Daniel 3 - 6
Lecture 3 — Daniel 7
Lecture 4 — Daniel 8
Lecture 5 — Daniel 9:1-19
Lecture 6 — Daniel 9:20 - 27
Lecture 7 — Daniel 10
Lecture 8 — Daniel 11:36; 12:1-2
Lecture 9 — Daniel 12:2-13

{It is suggested that before reading these Studies in Daniel the paper "Enquiry as to the Antichrist of Prophecy," appearing later in this volume, should be read. Ed.

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The meditations herewith offered to Christians pretend in no way to give a complete explanation of the book of Daniel. The following is the account of them. They were delivered before a small company, whose minds had been already occupied about prophecy, and who had desired to have some help as to this book. The author imparted to them, in a course of lectures, the light which he possessed. Notes were taken at the time, and, the manuscript having fallen into the hands of a third person, he (supposing that the notes would be valuable to others) began to print them. The author offered no hindrance, except the doubt whether they were worth the trouble, and in yielding he did what was needful for the publication, though at some distance from the place where it was undertaken. It will be seen, that a certain basis of interpretation is supposed as being already recognised in the mind of the reader. In the study of the prophecies especially we must expect to go through a certain exercise of mind. But if it is not worth while to take thus much pains, neither is it to read these lectures nor the book they treat of.

The author's confidence is in God, who, if He approve this feeble effort to help the weak ones, will extend His all-powerful aid in giving them understanding, for wisdom comes from God. It is to Him and to His grace, dear reader, that the author recommends you, asking your prayers for him, in case you get the least profit from this little book.