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p399 [From the French.] * * * The word is ever more rich and precious to me. I think it has opened to my soul, to my faith, of late as it has never done before. The counsels of God, and how we belong to heaven, every day become more real; and the place of the law appears more evident to me, both in what is connected with the righteousness of God, and as regards practice. The heavenly and divine character necessary to judge of all things is clearer and more real to me. Does one love his neighbour as himself? No; and this is the normal condition of nature; but one gives oneself for others, animated by a divine devotedness, such as was shewn in Christ. Doubtless, thus we would not fail in love to a neighbour; but what blessing! what privilege! See Ephesians 4, 5, where you have the new nature and the Holy Spirit - then God, light and love, and Christ the pattern in these two characters, as elements of christian life. One feels how little one is when one thinks of it, yet it rejoices the heart. The doctrine of divine righteousness has also become clearer to me. Remark also how the Epistle to the Romans is divided in two at chapter 5:11: first sins, then sin; each of the two parts being complete.

March 30th, 1865.