Fragments on Matthew 27:17-[?]

We get here that which is so profoundly interesting, Christ's spirit in understanding the work. We see His perfect calmness and yet His perfect realisation of what was coming upon Him. None could tell what death was, like the Prince of life - none what wrath was, like Him who dwelt in the Father's bosom. Of course He was perfect always, but we learn perfection in Him.

We are often indifferent, or if we feel, we are upset by the sorrow.

We must take up death as the first entrance into any communication with God whatever.

Death is not help, it is salvation: it is the very thing which tells us help would not do.

The old covenant was broken and death came in because it was broken, but the new covenant is founded upon death.

The new covenant is not made with anyone; it is a law written in the heart; when it is established, a “minister” of it will not be wanted. We get the benefit of it before it is made. We get the good of the new covenant, but we get things which are far beyond it.

I drink the blood, the sign of death, the thing I want now is death.

Sorrow with power - I am awake, but if I am in sorrow without the power of God, I sleep.

If the heart has been with the Lord, then when men come, the Lord will be with the heart.