Notes of a Private Conversation.

J. N. Darby.


Q. Should it be, "Since ye then are risen with Christ"?

A. Yes.

Q. It does not mean any doubt, does it?

A. No; just as I should say to you, if you are a Scotchman, I hope you will honour your country.

Peter is afraid to walk on the water when he saw the storm, but had it been smooth he could not have walked any better.

To me it is a wonderful thing, far more wonderful than the glory, that the Father loves me as He loves Jesus. The Lord was constantly labouring to persuade the disciples, that they were loved as He Himself was loved. The tribute money was an instance of this. People think it was tribute to Caesar - it was the tribute for the temple. They ask Peter, Is your Master a good Jew? "Oh, yes," says Peter - he was always ready to say something, you know; but we find the Lord is beforehand with Peter. He asks, "Of whom do the kings of the earth take tribute?" We are the children of the great king of the temple. Then He says, Take the fish that first comes up, you will find in it two didrachmi, that take and give unto them for me and for thee.

206 What amazing condescension, to put Peter along with Himself!

Q. Is chastening always on account of evil?

A. No; it is often to prevent evil. Paul had a thorn in the flesh to prevent evil.

I feel sure christian life is not what it ought to be. It will be seen in the end there was nothing else worth living for but Christ.

The Lord takes care of people. The Lord's work goes on in spite of all; man's thoughts and ways cross each other, but the Lord goes through all.

Q. What does that mean, the devil disputing about the body of Moses, in Jude?

A. Well, I suppose it was lest it should prove an object of superstition to the Jews, like the brazen serpent. We do not find that in the word, it is just my mind about it. The Jews might have made pilgrimages to it. The Lord buried him, and "no man," etc.

207 It is impossible for a man to understand God; we are so constituted, that when we see things, we at once see that some one made it. Tell a man in the country that nobody made his wagon, he would look out an asylum for you. We know there is a cause for everything, we cannot understand anything to exist that was not made. It is impossible for us to know God, we are only finite, He is infinite. If I can know God, He is not God, and I am not a man.

Q. What does that mean, that the disciples should not go over the cities of Judah till the Son of man come?

A. They have not gone over them yet. They were prevented by judgment.

The destruction of Jerusalem, you know, came in.