Alpha and Omega

Revelation 1:11

G. Davison.

Jan 1963

The two words at the head of this article represent the first and last letters in the Greek alphabet, the equivalent of A and Z in the English language. In using these words of Himself as divine titles the Lord Jesus would convey to us that He is the One who ever voices divine communications for the guidance of His people in this world.

If we look further into the book of Revelation — a book specially written for the seven churches — we find other terms used as titles by and of our Lord. In Revelation 21:6 we read, "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end." Also in Revelation 22:13, "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last." Can we doubt that our Lord uses these titles in order to bring to the notice of a failing church that everything for the display and glory of God is resident in Himself? As the "Alpha and Omega" he would assure us that He is the expression of all that God has to say to us; as the "beginning and the end" He would assure us that He is the embodiment of all that God is doing, whilst the "first and the last" would convey to us that He is also the expression of all that God is in His nature, character and disposition.

These words, "the first and the last," are used twice by God in the book of Isaiah in order to convince the nation of Israel that He is the one true God (see Isa. 44:6; and Isa. 48:12).

Taking the three titles together as they appear in Revelation 22, we gather that every divine communication, every divine work, and every divine characteristic centre in the Son of God, our Lord Jesus Christ. Would not this assure us of our need to be kept in constant communion with the Lord if we are to rightly represent Him, especially in view of the false representation of God which is given by Christendom at large? Every act which we may be enabled to perform in His interests; every expression of God in our lives, must, if for His pleasure, be the result of the enlightenment reaching us from Himself as the One through whom divine communications alone come. If we are sanctified vessels in His hand and at His disposal, "meet for the Master's use" He will be able to continue through us that which will abide for the pleasure of God.

If we keep the end in view, what a salutary effect it will have upon our lives! We can easily discern that if the "Alpha" and the "beginning" and the "first" stand together, so likewise do the "Omega," the "end" and the "last." All that our Lord introduces whether by word, by action or by display, has an end in view. Let us ever keep this important fact in mind. The judgment seat of Christ will reveal to us the measure in which our lives have been in accord with this end.

Referring again to the "Alpha and the Omega," it has been said that "Christ had the first word, and He will have the last." This is true in relation to all things, but shall we not be wise to see that this is also true in relation to ourselves? He who in many a places in the word says to His own "this do," will also say at the end to those who have obeyed His word, "well done." We all surely desire to have that last word said to us, but it will be said only to those who have kept His commandments, for while He speaks to us in grace today, the subject soul would regard every one of His communications as commandments to be obeyed. It is an old expression that "that which is light becomes law to us," the truth of which statement is known to those who are seeking to be here for the pleasure of Christ, as He when in this world ever walked to the pleasure of His God.

May the forthcoming year be marked by our giving heed to His commandments, so that we may act as He would have us act, and thus give a living expression of that which marks the divine nature in testimony for God.