Marriage in the Lord

2 Sam. 7:29; 1 Chron. 23:13; Ps. 32:1

Notes of an address at a Wedding

G. Davison.

Sept. 1957

I have in mind for this occasion to point out three distinctive characters which are true of our two friends who have just been united in happy marriage. Not that these three things have just become true of them today, for they have been true of them both for many years. What has happened today is, these things which have been true of them separately, they are now going to enjoy together, for we know that they hold these spiritual facts to be more binding and more enduring than any natural link, blessed as that natural link maybe.

The first character I wish to indicate is in Ps. 32, they are called saints. This is the scripture quoted in Rom. 4 to show how one can be in the enjoyment of forgiveness and justification and it is in the opening of this epistle where those who are so blessed are called saints. What a blessed thing to start out with on their married lives together to know that they possess the forgiveness of their sins. Never will they need to have concern in their souls as to their standing before God, for they know they are right with God for evermore. Here they are, united together by this most blessed of all earthly ties and, underlying this natural tie, a spiritual tie, for they are both saints by calling. This first most vital necessity is true of both the bride and the bridegroom, and is a sure foundation upon which this marriage in the Lord can rest.

The second character I wish to call attention to is suggested in the passage which we have read in 1 Chron. 23. Our two young friends are priests. Moses and Aaron of the tribe of Kohath set forth typically the spiritual priesthood of believers today. This, of course, is true of all believers, but we have specially in mind today our two friends whose marriage we are celebrating for, being believers, it is true of them. In the exercise of their privilege in the house of God, they know what it is, in answer to the burning of this incense, to speak to God of their appreciation of the graciousness, and glory, and greatness, of our Lord Jesus Christ. They both have a place in that house as part of the priestly company and they both know what it is to present Christ to God. In this way, they minister unto Him in His house and bless and praise His Name for ever. Yes, beloved, it is for ever, for what has begun now in their priestly service will go on after they have left this world. We were obliged to say in the official service that this bond of matrimony will end either by death or the coming of our Lord, but here are links that death cannot end for they are heavenly, spiritual and eternal.

Turning back to 2 Sam. 7:29, another character comes into view; this time it is servants. In this verse David is asking for blessing upon his house, not here the house of God. He had before set his affection upon the house of God and now asks that in return, God will set His blessing upon his house. We can be sure beloved that where two saints who are united together as our two friends have been, and unitedly give to God praise in His house, God will certainly add His blessing to their house. These two Divine Names on the lips of David — Lord God — are really, Adonai Jehovah. According to G.V.Wigram, Adonai means, LORD as in blessing. David apparently knew the right Name by which to address God. In effect he was saying, "Jehovah in blessing, bless the house of Thy servant with Thy blessing." We could not ask anything better than this for our two friends today. They do not need me to exhort them to hold themselves for the pleasure of God, for they well know how to secure the blessing of God on their house. It is by giving God His rightful place in their lives; serving Him in His house, and knowing as they do so, He will surely bless them in their house.

So, beloved we can count upon God to add His blessing to them, these things being true of them. These are the deeper, firmer links which bind them together and the exercise of which will keep them here pleasurable to God. Saints by calling. Priests in privilege. Servants in responsibility. Our sincere desire for them is that the blessing of God will thus rest upon them as now, united in holy matrimony, they continue to serve Him in their home while never failing to praise Him in the sanctuary.