Edward Dennett

Biographical Note

Old Testament Commentaries

Exodus — Index and — part 1, Ex. 1 - 24
Exodus part 2, Ex. 25 - 40
Daniel the Prophet
The Book of Jonah
The Book of Haggai
Zechariah the Prophet

New Testament Commentaries

An Exposition of Second Timothy
Expository — Jude
The Apocalypse — Index and — part 1, Rev. 1 - 3
The Apocalypse — part 2, Rev. 4 - 17
The Apocalypse — part 3, Rev. 18 - 22


Unsearchable Riches
The Children of God
Fundamental Truths of Salvation
Pilgrim Songs
The Three Marys
The Blessed Hope
God's Way — of Peace; of Rest, Power & Consecration; of Holiness
The Christian Household
The Name Above Every Name
Recovered Truths
Twelve Letters to Young Believers
Simple Christian Truths
The Glories of Christ as the Son of Man
Christ as the Morning Star and the Sun of Righteousness

Booklets and Articles

The Step I Have Taken
Hindrances to Fellowship
The Three Raisings of the Dead
"All Saints"
Our Association with Christ
The Blood of Christ

Scripture Notes from the Christian Friend

Volume 12
Volume 13
Volume 14
Volume 15
Volume 16
Volume 17
Volume 18

Booklets and Articles

Three Addresses on the Lord's Return
"The Lord is at hand"
The Rapture, the Appearing and the Eternal State
Death and Resurrection with Christ
A Spiritual Difficulty
The Efficacy of the Blood of Christ
Emmaus and Jerusalem
"Empty Vessels"
The Everlasting Arms
Christ is Everything
Gideon's Sevenfold Qualification for Service
God's Order
The Conditions of Guidance
"Hold that fast which thou hast"
Scriptural Holiness
The House of God
"In Christ"
The Lamb of God
Departed Leaders
Life out of Death
"This light bread"
Christ as Light and Love
The Lord's Prayer
Is there a Mercy-seat for Believers?
The Sin of Miriam and Aaron
Notes on Naaman
What is our power for walk?
Propitiation: What is it, and where made?
The Revised Version of the New Testament
Spiritual Sloth and the Means of Restoration
Suited Ministry
The Unveiled Face
What God is — God is Love
"Widows Indeed"

Expository Jottings

Keeping the Word of Christ, etc.
What is it to be seated in the heavenlies in Christ Jesus?
The Urgency of Grace
"Accepted in the Beloved"