Some Works of C Knapp

The Kings of Judah and of Israel With their practical lessons to us
Samuel the Prophet Life and Times of
Staff and Sceptre - Six Addresses on some of the principal scenes in the life of David
A Fruitful Bough - Five Addresses on Joseph as a type of Christ
The Time of Harvest The Time of Harvest - Three Addresses on the Book of Ruth.

Booklets & Pamphlets
Daniel and His Companions
The Ethics of Eternal Punishment
Does Scripture Teach a Partial Rapture?
Is it Scriptural for a Woman to Speak in the Church?
Strange Doctrine Concerning the Dead
“His leaf also shall not wither”
“The Little Foxes”
Musical Instruments in the Lord's Service
Seraiah, the Man of Rest
Tales of Grace; or, The Conversion of Twelve Persons of Eminence.
The Woman of Worth
We Believe, and are Sure (Gospel)
Alsatian Stories of Long Ago. Four narratives of Reformation times.
Myrtie Moseley and Her Friends: A Story of the Bahama Islands.

Other publications by Christopher Knapp Any help to find these would be appreciated!

Brief Biographical Sketches — Twelve gospel papers on narratives of the New Testament

Booklets & Pamphlets
A Comparative Study of our Lord's Miracles (with Chart.)
Awakened in Time. (Gospel)
On Whom Does the Door Shut at Christ's Coming?
The Blood-stained Bible, a Civil War Incident.
The Story of Mollie Malone; or, Brands from the Burning. For the Young. Illus.,
Arthur Stewart's Testimony; or, A Soldier Boy's last message. A gospel booklet.