Sought and Found

From Thee I wondered, loving sin,
Deceived, and hating Thee,
Till, in patient grace still seeking,
Thine hand laid hold of me.

’Twas then, O Lord, Thou showedst me
The work Thy love has wrought;
Thy full redemption perfect makes
The sinner Thou hast bought.

My sin Thou baredst; wrath divine
Was poured out on Thee;
The bitter cup my sins had mixed
Thou drankest on the tree.

Thy cross, Thy shame, Thy weakness, Lord
Has won my heart to God,
Whose righteousness makes good to me
What Thou hast paid in blood.

Thy glory weans my soul from earth,
Where once I loved to roam;
The rest of God Thou’st made my rest,
Thy Father’s house my home.

The Spirit, earnest of the joys
That Thou with me wilt share,
Now teaches me the ‘Abba’ cry,
While waiting for Thee here.

‘Sought and found,’ and brought to God,
Thine, Thine I am, O Lord;
Such Thy love, Thy mighty work,
The power of Thy Word.

W. J. Lowe.

Taken from ‘The Salvation of God, a Gospel book for the Anxious and Inquiring’
published by R M Cameron, Edinburgh, 1879