Books by F. G. Patterson

The following pamphlets and booklets are from the pen of Mr. F. G. Patterson. While information as to him personally seems to be limited, we can judge from his writings that he was a well instructed brother and quite active among brethren back in those promising years between 1865 and 1880 before the devastating cleavages among gathered saints had left them bowed and broken. His written ministry extends over a period of about twenty years, 1864-1884.

F. G. P.'s insistence on the obligation of the church to maintain in practice the scriptural truth, "There is one body", is most timely at present. "Endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit" is the exhortation in Ephesians four, and for the church of God to deliberately ignore her responsibility to hear and obey this clear call is the most flagrant kind of Laodicean indifference. We feel distinctly that if these articles, so ably written by F. G. P., were according to the mind of the Spirit in the seventies and eighties of the last century, they are equally true today. God's principles of truth and practice do not vary with changing conditions in the great house of Christendom. To be not only in the doctrine of, but in the practice of, the truth of Ephesians four is the great privilege of faith at the present time. If it leads to a narrow path and a rejected testimony, let us not draw back, for "He is faithful that promised; He cannot deny Himself." May God, by the Spirit, abundantly bless the following able ministry to His dear saints today.
September, 1944.
C. H. Brown.

Books by F. G. Patterson
Blackrock Lectures on the Church of God
The Ways of God, a Brief Outline of God's Dealings with Israel, the Nations, and the Church, and His Purposes for the Glory of Christ
Scripture Notes and Queries
The Lord's Host. A Few Thoughts on Christian Position, Conflict, and Hope
Lessons for the Wilderness. Thoughts on Some Typical Incidents of Israel's Deliverance and Pilgrimage
A Chosen Vessel, being Lessons from the Life of the Apostle Paul

Pamphlets and Booklets
Is there Ever a Time When Paul's Doctrine is of No Practical Value
Baptism (printed but not published)
Paul's Doctrine
The Unity of the Spirit and Endeavoring to Keep It
The Church, Which Is His Body. With Some Collateral Truths
Corporate Actions of the Holy Spirit
Remnant Testimony
There Is One Body and One Spirit and The Unity of the Spirit
The New Birth
Bunch of Hyssop
What to do with Evil Thoughts
Jesus of Nazareth Passes By

F. G. P. edited a monthly magazine, "Words of Truth," which was published from 1865 to 1875, the bound volumes of which were at one time available.