Pasture for the Flock of God.

H. H. Snell.

London: W. H. Broom, 1875.


This volume is sent forth with the hope of helping souls. It contends for the authority of Scripture, and calls attention to important parts of divine truth. Most of the papers are notes of addresses given in various places. With all their defects, the desire has been to comfort and edify God's dear children, to whom, we trust, by God's grace, they may not be altogether unacceptable.

In these days, when uncertainty as to the things of God is pervading so many minds, when ignorance and unbelief are sacrificing the essential doctrines of Christianity to modern ritualism and philosophy, when almost every thing civil and ecclesiastical is being shaken, it seems of all importance that those who are born of God should be established and built up in Christ. Those who love the truth, who enter into and enjoy their present standing and acceptance in Christ, who realize the personal indwelling and operations of the Holy Ghost, and the blessed hope of the coming of God's Son from heaven, find much comfort and blessing; and, moreover, escape many snares which those who are looking to men and their opinions must necessarily fall into.

To the gracious and abundant blessing of the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, these pages are now prayerfully commended.

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