“The Reward of the Inheritance”

Question — What is meant by “the reward of the inheritance”? — (Col. 3:24)

When it is known that the word for “reward” is not the ordinary one so rendered, but occurs only here in the New Testament (though not infrequently in the LXX. i.e. Greek translation of the Old), and that it signifies recompense with the underlying thought of compensation, it will be felt how beautifully suited it is to the way that grace would light up the otherwise unenviable condition of the Christian bond-slave, as from verse 22.

Bound to his master according to the flesh for life, his obedience in all things was to be with singleness of heart fearing the Lord, a hearty service even as it would be accepted as done to the Lord. The rich compensation of his servile lot in this world would be found in the inheritance he should receive from the Lord, in marked antithesis to any ordinary portion of a slave, as may be seen from the contrasts of Galatians 4:1-7, Romans 8:15-17.

J.A. Trench
S.T. 1914