Some Works of W G Turner

William George Turner, born 1875, called home aged 80 on 31-8-1955, buried at St. Nicholas at Wade, Thanet, Kent.
He also wrote many articles in 'Gospel Gleanings, 'The Messenger', 'The Bible Monthly' and some in 'The Bible Treasury'.

John Nelson Darby - A biography
William Kelly - A biography
Age after Age - An overview of prophecy with a chart
The Christian Life - Notes of twenty addresses and papers

Booklets & Pamphlets
Discipleship, As typified in the story of Elijah and Elisha.
Jonah, The Book of
F. E. Race as I knew him.
G. F. Cox as I knew him.
Spiritual Dry Rot - An analogy
Nothing is Without a Voice - 1 Cor. 14:10.
A Call to the Converted - Eph. 5:14

Magazine Articles from the Bible Treasury
The Use and Misuse of Truth
"After all this"
"Lest ye faint"
"The Gentleness of Christ"

Other publications by W G Turner Any help to find these would be appreciated!
Some Straightsmouth Stories — Striking Incidents of Gospel Work.
The Friend in Need — A Story of the Crystal Palace.
'Words of Help' — A Magazine for Christians.
Messenger Series of Gospel tracts.