The Great Servant-prophet;

being nine addresses on the Gospel of Mark.

Part 1.

W. T. Turpin.

1. "Behold My Servant." Mark 1:1-11
2. Sealed with the Spirit Mark 1:12-20
3. His Ministry Mark 1:21-38
4. The Leper Cleansed Mark 1:40-45; Leviticus 13:45-46
5. The Palsy and the Publican Mark 2:1-17
6. The Cure and the Call Mark 3
7. The Sower and the Rester Mark 4:1-23, 35-41
8. The Demoniac of Gadara, and the Ruler of the Synagogue Mark 5
9. The Unwearied Yet Rejected Servant Mark 6:1-4, 7-9, 12-16, 20, 30-37 first clause, 45-51.
We do not know of the existence of any further parts.


These Addresses on this most blessed portion of Scripture, are commended solely and exclusively by their subject. The object of the preacher has been to set before his hearers the unwearied servant in His labour of love in a scene of refusal and rejection; how poorly and feebly he has done so, no one could be so intensely conscious as he himself is.

If in setting forth the doctrines of grace, and expounding the truths of God's holy word, one is made to feel one's utter feebleness and incapacity, how much more so when the subject is Himself — very God and very Man. In this gospel we have set before us the great Servant-Prophet, hence it is we do not find the history of His birth, but are at once introduced to His service and ministry.

That God the Holy Ghost may be pleased to use this poor attempt to exalt Christ, and bring Him in His blessed service before the hearts of His people, is the earnest prayer of the preacher.

W. T. T. 17, Park Road, Tunbridge Wells.

"Behold My Servant." Mark 1:1-11.