The Symbols of the Apocalypse Briefly Defined

A. H. Burton
G. Morrish: 114, Camberwell Road, London S.E.

  The compiler of this little hand-book is largely indebted to the ablest of Apocalyptic expositors.
  The simplicity and grandeur of the Book of Revelation have been greatly obscured, and its difficulty increased by the constant tendency to literalise its symbols.
  The earliest and simplest form of written language consisted chiefly of symbolic figures or hieroglyphics, which represented ideas; as letters, at a later period, represented sounds. Thus a sword or a bow would denote warfare; an olive branch, peace; a chain, captivity: and so on. Language of this kind is forcible, simple, exact, and uniform in its signification.
  Any natural object used for the purpose of bringing before the mind another object; any image which embodies an idea, or which contains within itself a representation of something else, is termed a symbol; "a grouping together of moral qualities by means of one being or several," by which a complete idea is formed of the thing symbolised. "Thus with the beast (Rev. 13) it is hardly possible to understand the symmetrical arrangement of seven heads and ten horns; whereas, we understand easily seven forms of government for the beast, and his power represented by ten kings."


Revelation 1.

Verse 1. Angel — The mystical representation of one not actually seen. So used of Jehovah. (Matt. 18:10; Acts 12:15.)

4. The Seven Spirits. — The Holy Ghost in His varied operations of governmental power. (Rev. 4:5.) [Seven is spiritual completeness, the highest indivisible number.]

12. Seven Golden Candlesticks. — [Lamp-stands.] Responsible vessels of light on earth in their totality.

13. Garment Down to the Foot. — Garb of priestly discrimination, not now in service, but judging.

Golden Girdle. — Divine righteousness and faith. fulness. (Isa. 11:5.)

14. White like Wool. — The divine glory of the ancient of days, viewed in that character. (Dan. 7:9.)

Eyes as a Flame of Fire. — Attribute of searching, intelligent judgment; judicial discernment.

15. Feet like Fine Brass. — Righteousness in dealing with man in his responsibility.

Voice as the Sound of Many Waters. — Overwhelming power and majesty. (Ezek. 1:24; 43:2.)

16. Seven Stars. — Completeness of subordinate authority under Christ in light.

Sharp Two-Edged Sword. — Searching judgment of the word of God. (Isa. 49:2; Heb. 4:12.)

Countenance as the Sun — Splendour of supreme authority.

18. Keys of Death and of Hades. — Power over death and the departed state.

20. Angels of the Seven Churches. — The moral representatives of the responsibility of the assemblies. A symbolical representation of the assembly viewed in those responsible in it.


Revelation 2.

Verse 7. Tree of Life. — (See Rev. 22:2.)

9. Jews. — Professing Christians who had turned back to hereditary religion. (Phil. 3:2.)

10. Ten Days. — A determinate period of suffering and persecution.

14. To Eat Idol Sacrifices. — Association with the false worship of devils in the world. (1 Cor. 10:20.)

Fornication. — Illicit commerce with the world.

17. Hidden Manna. — The once humbled and rejected One known in heaven.

White Stone. — Individual approbation by Christ.

20. Jezebel. — Systematic allowance of worldliness, immorality and idolatry.

23. Death. — Apostasy from God.

23. Reins and Hearts. — Inward affections and thoughts.

27. Rod of Iron. — Power of the kingdom.

28. Morning Star. — Harbinger of day; Christ known as such by the saints now before the day comes.


Revelation 3.

Verse 5. Book of Life. — Register of christian profession, true or false; but assumed true till proved false. (Ex. 32:33; Ps. 69:28.)

7. Key. — Delegated authority. Trust. (Isa. 9:6-7; 22:22.)

9. Jews. — (See Rev. 2:9.)

12. New Name. — Mark of supreme authority.

18. Gold Tried in the Fire. — True and approved righteousness.

White Raiment. — Clothing for moral nakedness.

Nakedness. — Spiritual destitution.

Eye Salve. — True spiritual vision.


Revelation 4.

Verse 2. Throne. — The royal seat of authority and government.

3. Jasper and Sardine. — Divine glory visible to man. (Rev. 21:11.)

Rainbow. — Sign of God's unchanging covenant with the earth in mercy. Post-diluvian relationship. (Gen. 9:13-14; Ezek. 1:28.)

4. Twenty-Four. — Priestly completeness. The number of the courses of the priesthood in Israel. (1 Chr. 24:4.) Twice the administrative perfection in man.

Elders. — Glorified saints as invested with wisdom and intelligence.

White Raiment. — Recognition of righteousness. (Rev. 6:11.)

Crowns of Gold. — Royal dignity.

5. Lightnings and Thunderings and Voices. — Signs of judicial dealing. (Ps. 29:3-4.)

Seven Lamps of Fire. — The consuming power of the Spirit of God in perfect development. (Heb. 12:29; Rev. 1:4.)

6. Sea of Glass. — Solid purity, in contrast with the water of the laver. (Ex. 30:17-21.)

Four Beasts [living creatures.] — God's attributes in judicial and governmental power on earth. Types of power, firmness, intelligence, and rapidity of execution.

8. Six Wings. — Supernatural swiftness. (Ezek. 1.)

Full of Eyes. — Perfect intelligence.


Revelation 5.

Verse 1. Seven-Sealed Book. — Revelation of God's counsels and mysteries wholly secret.

6. A Lamb As It Had Been Slain. — Messiah in power, but recognised as the same as the suffering Redeemer.

Seven Horns. — Perfection of power and exaltation. (Deut. 33:17; 1 Sam. 2:1, 10; Ps. 75:10.)

Seven Eyes. — Perfect intelligence. (Zech. 3:9; 4:10; 2 Chron. 16:9.)

Seven Spirits. — The fulness of the perfection in which He will govern the earth. (Isa. 11:2.)

8. Harps. — Choral services of praise. (Ps. 98:5 )

Golden Vials. — Priestly service.


Revelation 6.

Verse 2. White Horse. — Conquering aggressive power in providential action. (Zech. 6.)

Bow. — Victorious warfare. (Ps. 7:12-13.)

Crown. — Imperial authority.

4. Red Horse. — Power with frightful carnage.

Sword. — War. Slaughter.

5. Black Horse. — Sorrow and mourning.

Pair of Balances. — Accuracy in measure because of scarcity. (Ezek. 4:16; 5:1, 10, 12; 14:13.)

6. Oil and Wine — The luxuries of the rich.

8. Pale Horse. — Excessive mortality by sword, famine, and pestilence. (Ezek. 5:16-17; 14:12-21.)

Fourth part of the Earth. — A limited portion of the Roman earth.

9. Under the Altar. — As having been as sacrifices to God; their lives offered up.

11. White Robe. — Recognition of practical righteousness. (Rev. 19:8.)

12. Earthquake. — Convulsion of the whole structure of society. Darkening and subversion of established authorities.

Sun Black as Sackcloth. — Alienation from God and Satanic darkening of the ruling power.

Moon as Blood. — All derived authority in a state of death morally.

13. Stars Fallen From Heaven. — Open apostasy of subordinate authorities.

14. Heaven Departed as a Scroll. — General convulsion and overthrow of all governmental order.

Mountains. — Seats of authority in stability.

Islands. — Mercantile seaports as sources of wealth independent interests. (Isa. 23:2, 6; Jer. 25:22; Ezek. 27:3, 15.)


Revelation 7.

Verse 1. Winds of the Earth. — Universal troubles and political tumults. Satanic agencies. (Job 1:19; Jer. 49:36; 51:1; Dan. 7:2.)

2. Seal. — That which marks for preservation. (Ezek. 9:4; Haggai 2:23; 2 Tim. 2:19.)

3. Earth. — (See Rev. 10:2.)

Sea. (Rev. 13:1.)

Trees. (Rev. 8:7.)

4. 144,000. — An elect mystical number of Israel sealed for preservation.

9. White Robes. — Recognition of righteousness.

Palm-Tree — Triumphant joy after a period of suffering; Millennial rest. (Ex. 15:27; Lev. 23:40; Num. 33:9; Neh. 8:15; Ezek. 41:18.)

15. Temple — The place of God's veiled presence.


Revelation 8.

Verse 1. Silence in Heaven. — Temporary suspension of judgment.

2. Trumpets. — Loud announcements of God's interference. (Ex. 19:16; Joel 2:1.)

3. Another Angel. — Christ.

Altar. — The brazen altar; the first point of contact between God and man on earth.

Incense. — The precious perfume of the graces of Christ.

Golden Altar. — Effectual intercession of the great High Priest, (Ex. 30.)

5. Fire of the Altar. — Judgment in favour of saints in reply to intercession. (Ezek. 10:2.)

Voices and Thunderings and Lightnings and an Earthquake. — Signs of God's power in the subversion of all established order on the earth.

7. Hail. — Sudden and stormy judgment from God. (Isa. 28:2; see Rev. 16:21.)

Fire. — Consuming judgment.

Blood. — Death morally; apostasy.

Third Part. — The Western Roman earth. [The dragon with seven heads and ten horns drew the third part of the stars.] (Rev. 12:3-4.)

Trees. — Exalted position among men; human power and pride. (Ezek. 31; Dan. 4.)

Green Grass. — Earthly prosperity; human weakness. (Isa. 40:6, 8; 1 Peter 1:24.)

8. Mountain Burning with Fire. — A great established power replete with judgment. (Jer. 51:25.)

Sea. — (See Rev. 13:1.)

Blood. — (See ver. 7.)

9. Death. — Public apostasy from God; the power of Satan. (Rev. 2:23.)

Ships. — Lucrative commerce.

10. Star, Burning as it were a Lamp. — A fallen and apostate dignitary.

Rivers. — The activity of bodies of people under certain influences.

Fountains of Waters. — The source and origin of these influences.

11. Wormwood. — The bitterness and misery of apostasy. (Jer. 9:15-16; 23:15; Lam. 3:5, 19.)

12. Sun. — The supreme ruling power. (Isa. 13:9-10; Ezek. 32:7; Joel 3:15.)

Moon. — Derived light; that which reflects the light of the sun in his absence.

Stars. — Subordinate authorities.

Darkness. — No perception of God's will; strong delusion to believe a lie. [The four trumpets affect all parts of symbolic creation.]


Revelation 9.

Verse 1. Star Fallen from Heaven. — An apostate subordinate power.

Bottomless Pit [Abyss]. — The place where Satanic evil is shut up and chained. (Luke 8:31; 2 Peter 2:4; Rev. 20:1, 3.)

2. Smoke of a Great Furnace. — Blinding Satanic delusions.

Sun. — (See Rev. 8:12.)

Air. — The medium through which political vitality is communicated to the masses. (See Rev. 16:17.) The sphere of Satan's rule. (Eph. 2:2.)

3. Locusts. — Warlike instruments of Satanic power in the earth, used providentially.

Scorpion Power. — Infliction of pain and anguish of heart; mental agony.

5. Five Months. — A determinate limited period.

7. Horses Prepared to Battle. — (See Rev. 6.)

Crowns of Gold. — Victorious power affecting divine righteousness.

Faces as the Faces of Men. — Masculine energy.

8. Hair as of Women. — Subjection to others. (1 Cor. 11:15.)

Teeth as of Lions. — Ferocity, cruelty. (Ps. 4; Prov. 30:14.)

9. Breastplates of Iron. — Steeled consciences.

Sound of Chariots, &c. — Fanatical and rapid warfare.

10. Stings in Their Tails. — The venom of false principles. Poisonous doctrines. (Isa. 9:15; Ps. 140:3.)

13. Golden Altar. — (See Rev. 8:3.)

14. Euphrates. — The barrier of the Roman earth.

15. Hour, Day, Month, and Year. — A prescribed period.

16. Two Myriads of Myriads. — [200,000,000] Countless swarms of moral locusts.

17. Breastplates of Fire and Jacinth and Brimstone. — The defensive armour of hell.

Fire and Smoke and Brimstone. — Inflicted judgments of a darkening and hellish character.

19. Tails like Serpents, &c. — Serpent-like influence and mischief. (Rom. 1:28; 2 Thess. 2:11.)


Revelation 10.

Verse 1. Mighty Angel — Christ asserting His claim over the earth.

Cloud. — Sign of Jehovah's presence. (Ex. 13:21; Isa. 4:5; Ezek. 10:4; Matt. 17:5 )

Rainbow. — (See Rev. 4:3.)

Sun. — Supreme sovereign glory. (Ps. 136:8-9.)

Feet as Pillars of Fire. — Firmness of discriminating judgment.

2. Little Book. — Open prophetic revelations of circumscribed character.

Sea. — (See Rev. 13:1.)

Earth. — The ordered scene of God's government.

3. Seven Thunders. — The perfection of God's intervention in judgment.

9. To eat. — To meditate, digest. (Joshua 1:8; Ps. 119:103.)


Revelation 11.

Verse 1. Temple and Altar Measured. — Preservation and acceptance of true Jewish worshippers.

2. The Court. — Outward profession under Gentile oppression.

4. Two Olive-Trees and Two Candlesticks. — God's declared witness to the re-establishment of Israel with royalty and priesthood. (Zech. 4.)

7. Beast. — (See Rev. 13:1.)

8. The Great Street of the City. — Jerusalem.

12. A Great Voice. — A call from Him who is the resurrection and the life.

13. Earthquake. — (See Rev. 6:12.)

Tenth part of City. — One of the ten horns or kingdoms.

Seven Thousand Names of Men. — The complete organised systems of the earth.

19. Temple Opened. — The public recommencement of God's dealings with the Jews on earth from heaven.

Ark of the Covenant. — Sign of God's faithfulness to Israel; the outward link of His connection with His people.

Lightnings, &c. — (See Rev. 8:5; 16:18.)


Revelation 12.

Verse 1. Woman. — Israel; the Jewish mother of Christ personified in Jerusalem. (Isa. 9:6.)

Clothed with the Sun. — Israel or Jerusalem invested with supreme authority.

The Moon under her Feet. — The whole reflected light of her previous state under her feet.

Crown of Twelve Stars. — Complete human authority. (Compare Gen. 37:9; Isa. 60.)

3. Red Dragon. — Satan viewed in connection with earthly power.

Seven Heads. — Completeness of power in evil.

Ten Horns. — The ideal aggregate of the rulers of the divided Roman empire; incomplete kingly administration. [The Lamb had seven horns. Twelve is completeness of power in man.]

Seven Crowns [Diadems]. — Completeness in form of power.

4. Tail of the Dragon. — Malignant influence through false teaching. (Isa. 9:15.)

Third part of the Stars. — Rulers of the Roman Empire. (See Rev. 8.)

5. Man Child. — Christ.

6. Wilderness. — Isolation from the present resources of the civilised earth.

10. A Great Voice. — Authoritative announcement from heaven by Christ of a great public fact.

14. Eagles' Wings. — Means of rapid escape. (Matt. 24:16.)

15. Water as a Flood [River]. — The movements of people under Satanic influence. (Ps. 93:3-4.)


Revelation 13.

Verse 1. — The Sand of the Sea — Position of moral separation from the tumultuous movements of the people. (Jer. 5:22.)

Beast. — Revived form of the Roman Empire. (Dan. 7.)

Sea. — The turbulent mass of unsettled, unreclaimed nations in anarchy and confusion. (Isa. 57:20.)

Seven Heads. — (See Rev. 12:3; 17:9.)

Ten Horns. — (See Rev. 12:3.)

Ten Crowns [Diadems]. — Kingly power in an incomplete form.

Names of Blasphemy. — Open enmity to God and His Christ.

2. Leopard. — Swiftness of conquest; cruelty. (Jer. 5:6; Dan. 7:6; Hosea 13:7; Hab. 1:8.)
Bear — Voracity; tenacity of grasp.
Lion. — Ferocity; strength. (Judges 14:8.)
[The characteristic qualities of the Macedonian, the Persian, and the Babylonian Empires.]

3. Deadly Wound by a Sword. — Political calamity inflicted by war.

8. Lamb's Book of Life. — Register of the elect. (Rev. 3:5; 20:12.)

11. Two Horned Beast. — Imitator of Christ's power as king and prophet, the same as the false prophet; the Antichrist. (Dan. 7:8; 11:36; 2 Thess. 2.)

Earth. — The Roman earth, including those who dwell, or have their portion in it.

16. Mark in the Right Hand or on the Forehead. — Public profession or appearance before men.


Revelation 14.

Verse 1. 144,000 — The suffering Jewish remnant of the Psalms. Judah and Benjamin. Christ's brethren of Matt. 25:40; Ps. 69:26; 1 Sam. 22:1-2; Dan. 3.

Name in Their Foreheads. — Open confession of Christ. (Compare Rev. 13:16.)

2. Harpers. — Perhaps the same as those of Rev. 15:2.

4. Virgins. — Those who had kept apart from the idolatries of the great harlot.

8. Babylon. — City of confusion. (See Rev. 17:5.)

14. A White Cloud. — (See Rev. 10:1.)

14. Golden Crown. — Royal dignity.

15. Harvest. — Discriminating judgment. (Matt. 24:40-41.)

17. Vine of the Earth. — Religious apostasy; Jewish. (Isa. 5; Joel 3:13 )

19. Winepress. — The fierce, unsparing wrath of God; unmixed vengeance on the apostate Jews and nations with them. (Ps. 75:8; 83. Isa. 34; 63:1, 6; Jer. 25:15-16.)

20. 1,600 Furlongs [200 miles]. — Wide-spread human carnage. [200 miles approximate very nearly to the extent of the land of Canaan.]


Revelation 15.

Verse 2. Sea of Glass. — Fixed purity; washing of water by the word no longer needed.

Mingled with Fire. — Mark of the great fiery tribulation through which they had passed.

Harps of God. — Perfect joy and praise. (See Rev. 14:2.)

5. Temple Opened. — Judicial testimony to man's guilty state.

6. Pure and White Linen and Glory Girdles. — A judgment which required purity and divine righteousness.

7. Golden Vials [Bowls]. — The expression of God's wrath against the corruption of the earth.

8. Smoke from the Glory. — The solemn darkness in which God is shut up preceding active judgment, so that man cannot find him. (Isa. 6:4.)


Revelation 16.

2. Noisome Sore. — Moral distemper and misery. (Ex. 9:8-9; Isa. 1:6.)

3. Blood as of a Dead Man. — Final open apostasy and alienation from God.

4. Rivers and Fountains of Waters. — (See Rev. 8:10.) These popular influences became the power of death.

7. Altar. — Witness of the blood-shedding of saints. (Rev. 6:9.)

8. To Scorch with Fire. — Intolerable tyranny and persecution.

12. Euphrates. — The securing boundary of the Western prophetic power. The commercial prosperity of Babylon.

13. Three Unclean Spirits like Frogs, — The open energy and hostility of Satan; the renewed Roman Empire as come up out of the bottomless pit; and Antichrist, a certain analogy with the evil of Cain, Balaam, and Core. [Frogs were regarded by the Greek poets as the proper inhabitants of the Stygian lake ]

16. Armageddon. — A mystic name. (Compare Judges 5:19-20.)

17. Air. — The universal moral influence that acts on man. (Compare Rev. 9:2.)

18. Voices, Thunders, Lightnings, and Earthquake. — (See Rev. 8:5.)

19. The Great City. — The public confederation of European civilisation; all that was established within the Roman Empire.

The Cities of the Nations. — All that the nations outside of Rome had built up politically. The other European centres of social life.

Babylon. — (See Rev. 17:5.)

20. Islands and Mountains. — (See Rev. 6:14.)

21. Hail the Weight of a Talent. — Rapid and overwhelming incursions of hostile armies. (Joel 2:2, 9; Isa. 28:2; 30:30.)


Revelation 17.

Verse 1. Waters. — People under Satanic power and influence. (See ver. 15.)

2. Fornication. — (See Rev. 2:14.)

3. Wilderness. — Place of desolation and drought where no springs of God are.

Woman. — The great imperial city in her corrupt religious character. Papal Rome.

Scarlet-Coloured Beast. — Imperial Rome in its blasphemous form.

4. Purple. — Imperial raiment. — [Combined with scarlet a mixture of heavenly and earthly.]

Scarlet. — Human glory and splendour.

Gold, Precious Stones and Pearls. — Affectation of divine righteousness, glory, and beauty.

Abominations and Filthiness. — Idolatry and corruption; prostitution of Christianity.

5. Babylon. — The great licentious and idolatrous corruptress of religion; Western civilisation in its religious aspect. (Jer. 51:7.)

Mystery. — Pretension to truth.

9. Seven Mountains. — Forms of government. These, according to Livy and Tacitus, are:
1. Kings \
2. Consuls \
3. Dictators | "Five are fallen."
4. Decemvirs /
5. Military Tribunes. /
6. Imperial. — "One is" administered by Domitian in the time of John.
7. "And the other is not yet come." [Foreshadowed perhaps by the first Napoleon.]

18. The Great City. — Rome. (See Rev. 16:19.)


Revelation 19.

Verse 11. White Horse. — Divine energy of government in the earth; triumphant imperial power. (Ps. 45:3-4.)

12. Eyes as a Flame of Fire. — (See Rev. 1:14.)

Many Crowns. — Possession of all titles to Sovereignty.

13. Vesture Dipped in Blood. — Character of Christ's display in vengeance.

15. Sharp Sword. — (See Rev. 1:16.)


Revelation 20.

Verse 1. Key. — Power in administrative responsibility to God.

Bottomless Pit. — [Abyss.] (See Rev. 9:1.)

Chain. — Hindrance from action.

8. Gog and Magog. — Countless hordes from the four quarters of the earth. Repetition on a larger scale of Ezekiel 38.

11. Great White Throne. — Sessional judgment at the end.

12. Book of Life. — (See Rev. 3:5; 13:8.)

14. Death and Hell [Hades]. — The enemies of man personified; and so of the Lord as Saviour, wherein body and soul had been held temporarily imprisoned. This is over.


Revelation 21.

Verse 2. The Holy City. — New Jerusalem. The bride displayed in glory; not her dwelling place.

11. Jasper. — (See Rev. 4:3.)

12. Wall. — Security; salvation. (Isa. 26:1; 60:18; Zech. 2:5.)

Twelve Gates. — Perfect judicial administration. [Twelve is administrative perfection in man.] (Gen. 19:1; Deut. 22:15; Dan. 2:49; Amos 5:15.)

At the Gates Twelve Angels. — Providential administration.

Names of the Twelve Tribes. — Direct earthly government, as in Israel.

14. Twelve Foundations, and in them the Names of the Twelve Apostles — The church apostolically founded by the twelve. (Eph. 2:20.)

15. Golden Reed. — Measurement by the divine standard.

16. Four-Square. — Completeness; the same all ways; the perfection of a city whose builder and maker is God.

18. Pure Gold Clear as Crystal. — Purity without spot or blemish.

19. Precious Stones. — Rays of divine glory reflected through the bride.

21. Pearl. — Christ's estimate of the beauty and comeliness of the bride; seen externally by men and angels. (Matt. 13:45-46.)


Revelation 22.

Verse 1. River of Water of Life. — Life-giving blessing flowing through the bride, the Lamb's wife.

2. Tree of Life. — Food for the heavenly inhabitants; constant refreshment.

Leaves of The Tree. — Blessing to those on earth Lhealing for the nations.

4. His Name on the Forehead. — Perfect reflection of Himself. (1 John 3:2; compare Rev. 13:16.)


The Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave to Him.

Not a chapter throughout this book where Christ is not spoken of, or heard, or seen in action.
The following instances among others are worthy of notice, and are submitted for consideration.

Revelation 1:5. A salutation from Himself.

7. His appearing announced.

14. Is seen in the divine glory of the ancient of days.

17. The First and the Last. The One who

18. Became dead, and lives for evermore.

Chapters 2. and 3. Addresses the seven churches in words of encouragement and warning.

4:1. John hears Him saying, "Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter."

5:6. The slain Lamb in the midst of the throne takes the book; and —

6. Opening its seven seals reveals divine counsels and mysteries hitherto wholly secret; things to be hereafter.

6:6. A voice in the midst of the four living creatures.

7. Seals the elect of Israel for preservation through the coming great tribulation, and brings into millennial blessing the great white-robed multitude redeemed from the nations.

8:3. Stands at the golden altar, and adds incense to the prayers of His persecuted saints on earth.

9:13-14. Still standing at the golden altar He speaks from its four horns to the sixth angel.

10. As the angel of the covenant He lays claim to the earth.

11:1, 3. His acceptance of true Jewish worshippers. Empowers His witnesses to prophesy.

11:12. Calls to His slain witnesses, "Come up hither."

15 The kingdom and dominion and glory are given to Him.

[The seventh trumpet and the third woe mark the close of the second half-week, and complete the symbolic history of this first great division of the book.]

12:5. His birth and rapture.

7, 9. Casts out Satan.

10. Announces salvation and the kingdom.

13:8. Security for those only whose names are in the book of life of the slain Lamb.

14:1-3. The Lamb on Mount Zion gathers His persecuted Jewish brethren, the suffering remnant of the Psalms.

16. Reaps the harvest of the earth.

15:3. The victorious company of martyrs who had passed through the fiery tribulation sing the Song of the Lamb as they stand on the sea of glass.

16:1. A voice out of the temple — (Is this His voice?)

16:15. Behold, I come as a thief.

17:14. The Lamb shall overcome them.

18:4. A voice from heaven, "Come out of her my people."

19:5. A voice out of the throne, "Praise our God all ye his servants."

19:7. The marriage of the Lamb celebrated in heaven.

19:11, 21. Comes forth as King of kings and Lord of lords. Treads the winepress.

20. Reigns with His risen saints a thousand years, and finally sits on the great White Throne.

21:3. A loud voice out of the throne.

21:22. God and the Lamb are the temple.

21:23 The Lamb is the light and glory of the city.

22:16. "I, Jesus, have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches."

22:20. "Surely I come quickly, Amen."