A Song of the Son of Man

SONG of my praise, O Son of Man,
    Our minstrel strains shall swell
  With ringing notes to tell Thy ways,
    For Thou dost all things well:
  For Thou dost all things well, we sing
    With flowing melody,
  And voice Thy praise in joyful lays—
    Redeemed by grace are we!

  LIGHT of my life, O Son of Man,
    Upon the steep incline
  Of Hope’s rough track and Faith’s strait way
    Thy grace and glory shine:
  Thy grace and glory shine, we sing
    As up the path we speed;
  To where Thou art—to have our part—
    The “light of life” doth lead.

  JOY of my soul, O Son of Man,
    Thou cam’st to seek and save;
  Scourged, slain, yet Thou didst rise again,
    In triumph o’er the grave;
  In triumph o’er the grave, we sing
    And laud Thy victory;
  Exalted now, each knee must bow
    Before Thy majesty.

  HOPE of my heart, O Son of Man,
    The Kingdom shall be given
  To thee, the King and Lord of all;—
    Come, rule o’er earth and heaven!
  Come, rule o’er earth and heaven, we sing—
    God’s angels wait on Thee!
  With peace and truth and joy shine forth,
    Let all Thy glory see!