A Test

A Test—If you give away tracts in the railway carriages it soon tests the company as to who is on the Lord’s side. We were travelling home from A—, a few nights ago, and handed a tract to each of our fellow travellers. One man with a bright smile on his face spoke up at once: “I love the Lord Jesus.” “So do I,” said a woman opposite, who proved to be his wife. “Thank God,” we responded. “Yes,” continued the man, “I have good reason to love and praise Him. I am a chimney-sweep. My name is Robert A— of S—; before I was converted, three years ago, I was thirty-eight times before the magistrates, but thank God, His wonderful grace saved a guilty, hell-deserving wretch like me.” Though a sweep, his soul was whiter than snow, through the precious blood of Jesus. A conversation followed, which proved a blessing to others present.