The usual indiscriminate condemnation of change is a great mistake. Truly, some change for the worse; but there is change of the right and necessary sort, which is a mark of the true believer.

From the cold dark winter, the weather changes to the bright, fresh spring and warm summer: from the decaying seed in the earth, the shoot springs up, changing to bud and beautiful blossom: from that deep mine, a rough stone is brought up; in the hand of man, it changes until its sparkle and brilliance proclaim it to be a precious diamond. Is the believer to know no change? Brought out of darkness into light, out of death into life; quarried from sin and Satan’s power, and blessed in Christ Jesus through His blood: is he not also to be changed from glory to glory by the Spirit he has received?

Why should self be clung to so tenaciously? Why this talk, ‘I am just myself and can be no different? I do not believe in changing!’ Is self to be so much admired? Are there not to be great changes with us? Yes, verily! and such changes will take place rapidly, as we admire the moral glory of our Lord Jesus Christ instead of self; as in liberty of thought we look on “the glory of the Lord,” we shall be changed greatly, “transformed (metamorphosed) according to the same image from glory to glory” (2 Cor. 3:18, N.Tr.). There is no veil now to cover the glory. There is no need of “a glass,” or a mirror. The glory shines in the face of Jesus. He alone knows no change. He is perfect. He is always the same. Blessed be His Name.