Fear Not!

  “Fear not! Fear not!” the voice divine
  To storm-tossed rowers clearly calls!
  The word of cheer, like melody
  Sounds sweetly o’er the angry sea.
  As music on the ear it falls.
  “Be of good courage! It is I!

  Be not afraid!” The Saviour says;
  He sees the darkening of the deep,
  His eyes are laden not with sleep.
  The joy He brings excels all praise.
  “Fear not!” thy toiling well He knows.
  Distress and peril call Him nigh.
  Thy crossing staved by boisterous winds
  And raging waves His coming finds;
  With peace He greets thee “It is I!

  “Be not afraid!” above the wave
  He walks, and thou may’st with Him be:
  Take not thine eyes from Christ, nor gaze
  Upon the storm, for He doth raise
  Faith’s sight His quiet mien to see.
  “Fear not! Fear not!” thy tiny ship
  With calm He fills from heaven’s abode;
  And ’neath the peaceful smiling skies
  Worship to Him, the Lord, doth rise.
  “Truly, Thou art the Son of God!