“He is Risen”

  Our risen Lord, victorious,
    Has left the tomb behind,
  Ascended now, all glorious.
    Life honour, fame combined
  His diadem adorning
    Rejoice the blood-redeemed,
  And risen life’s new morning
    With peace on them has beamed.

  My Father and your Father,
    My God and yours, He said.
  The oil of endless favour
    Anoints our living Head:
  His cross removed the judgment
    And put our sin away
  We sing Him now triumphant
    The risen Star of Day.

  Oh blessed resurrection
    Of Him Who died to save!
  How hopeless the reflection,
    Had He not left the grave,
  But great our joy in knowing
    From death our Saviour rose
  With gladness overflowing
    Our hope yet deeper grows.

  Awake O vast creation!
    Utter His glory forth!
  Sing, sing, the great Salvation,
    His counsel, wisdom, worth.
  Behold your blest relation
    To Christ the risen One!
  See, see the revelation
    Of God in Christ the Son.