“He that has an ear let him hear”

Revelation 2 and 3

  Let him that has an ear divinely opened,
    Hear what the Spirit to the churches says;
  For He would tell how many things have happened
    To grieve the Lord, on whom we rest our faith.
  Great was the love which brought Him here to win us,
    To die on Calvary to make us His!
  Yet, soon the churches left the love of Jesus—
    Falling away! nor feeling ought amiss.
  Hark! to the churches God is saying this.

  Let him that has an ear to hear the speaking,
    Of Him who warns the wandering churches yet,
  Hear, as He shows the road they now are taking—
    The downward road! where Christ they soon forget.
  There the arch-enemy awaits to take them;
    Laying his snare where least they think it is;
  Till, ’neath his sway, true sight and sense forsake them;
    Sunk in the world, they feel its guilty kiss.
  Hark! to the churches God is saying this.

  Let him that has an ear to hear, awaken
    To heed what’s said, though fast be closed the door
  Upon the One who has not yet forsaken
    The churches, which have spurned Him more and more.
  Faithful He stands, and knocks though none should heed Him;
    True to the faithless; from the deep abyss
  To which they sink His hand would lead them;
    Lifting them high to pure and heavenly bliss.
  Hark! to the churches God is saying this.

  Let him that has an ear alert to listen,
    Hear what is said by Him whose holy Name
  Is still professed by many;—I will chasten
    Those whom I love, for I am still the same:
  Loving them notwithstanding all the failure
    Seen in the churches: hearts there are who miss
  My presence there, and I will be their treasure,
    Now and for ever—such My pleasure is.
  Hark! ’tis the Saviour who is saying this.

  Let him that has an ear attend the saying
    Of Him who walks ’midst candlesticks of gold;
  Whose eyes as flames the assemblies are surveying;
    All that is good or evil they behold.
  I know thy works, He says; I’m He that lives;
    I once was dead—but living now, it is
  My voice which warning to the churches giveth,
    Though down the way of lust and pride they press.
  Hark ’tis the Lord whose voice is saying this.

  Let him that has an ear divinely given
    Hearken to Him whose glory nought can dim,
  The Son of God, who shines unsullied, even
    Though dark apostasy turns souls from Him.
  Faithful and true, He stands without a blemish;
    Holy and pure, no failure can be His;
  Nought e’er His faithfulness shall tarnish;
    Jesus, Yea and Amen, all perfect is,
  Hark! ’tis the Spirit who is saying this.

  Attuned mine ear to hear the Spirit’s speaking—
    He leads me on where discord comes not;
  Where every tongue in harmony is seeking
    To tell of Him whose beauty’s without spot:
  His loveliness there fills the enraptured vision
    Of that true bride, the assembly which is His;
  Blest answer to His lowly, earthly mission;
    Her faithful love the Bridegroom’s portion is.
  Rejoice! Rejoice! Oh, sing, my soul, of this.