“Here I am”

God’s greatness and majesty produced a striking response when He spake in grace to saints of old. When He called, “Abraham, Abraham,” at once the answer came, “Here am I.” When He said, “Jacob, Jacob,” the reply immediately was, “Here am I.” To Moses He spake, “Moses, Moses!” and He was answered instantly, “Here am I.” When, however, the Lord Himself should come, it is written in Isaiah 52:6, “Therefore My people shall know My Name: therefore they shall know in that day that I am He that doth speak: behold, It is I,” or, more correctly, “I am THE SAME, that says, HERE AM I.” Yes, indeed, He is “the same”; this is the last and the twelfth time He is so named in the Old Testament; but now, when His gracious and holy Name is said to be declared, it is He who says, “Here am I!” What surpassing grace! Did He not often say, when here in flesh, “I am He” and “It is I”? The same One is heard speaking as before, in the same manner, but as come down in lowly grace, “Martha, Martha!” and “Simon, Simon!” Once again, after His ascension, “Saul, Saul!” And Saul, the Benjaminite, inquired, “Who art Thou, Lord?” What astonishing words brought this answer to the persecutor, “I AM JESUS!” Yes, and in Him alone are we given to know the One who is abidingly “THE SAME” (Heb. 1:12), the One who never changes, the One who is “the First and the Last” (Rev. 1:17).