Ho Ev’ry One That Thirsteth, Come Ye

  Ho ev’ry one that thirsteth, come ye
    To the living waters free,
  Come! drink, for God Himself invites you,
    “WHOSOEVER WILL,” says He.

  With tender love and wondrous mercy,
    In the world He’s calling “Come!”
  Through Christ He’ll welcome you so gladly
    To His grace, His heart, His home.

  The Son He sent for us to suffer,
    All our sins to put away,
  The work is done, and done for ever
    Hear the joyful Gospel say—

  Eternity with Christ the Saviour,
    Would you miss this happy home?
  Away from God the Father’s favour,
    Will you choose that dreadful doom?

  What boundless love so many drawing
    To our Saviour, Christ the Lord,
  Rivers of gospel grace are flowing,
    Through His Spirit and His Word.

  Oh! gladsome day when light is breaking,
    For the souls once dark in sin,
  The Shepherd on His shoulders taking
    Wand’ring sheep He came to win.