Light For All

Perhaps nothing has so effectively warped and dwarfed those who have been delivered from the world systems of religion like such expressions as “special light,” “more light,” “new light,” and “the light is with us.” This claiming of “light” above others is the cause of pride and hardness of spirit, plainly showing from whence it comes. It is remarkable that in his early efforts to seduce the saints from the simplicity that is in Christ SATAN appeared as AN ANGEL OF LIGHT (2 Cor. 11:14); not an angel of truth, be it noted; there is no truth in him, and where pride and hardness of spirit are, there is truth certainly lacking—for grace is only, found with truth. In view of this let us beware of talk of special light.

THE TRUE LIGHT shone forth amidst the darkness of this world when our Lord Jesus Christ came into it, and it shone for all, but the darkness did not apprehend it. But some discerned it and received Him and such were born of God. They believed on His Name, and the right was given them to take the place of God’s children. They came into the true light. This is true of all who have believed. No longer belonging to the darkness, we have been set in His marvellous light, in the light as God is in the light, on the ground of the blood of Jesus Christ, His Son, which cleanses us from every sin. The apostle could write to those who had been reached by the gospel at Thessalonica, saying, “All ye are sons of the light and of the day; we are not of the night nor of the darkness. Therefore let us not sleep as do others.”

Our Lord Jesus Christ is the truth as well as the way and the life. He is also the true Light which men who walk in darkness hate. The children of God, however, have received Him, and there is no advance beyond Him. Let it be remembered, however, He shines for all, though all do not receive Him. Like the sun in the heavens, He is “the light of the world.” It is health—spiritual health—to recognize this. “The true light now shineth!”

The Spirit of God in the writings of John closes us up to Christ, the Son of God, encouraging us to abide in Him whom the world knows not; nevertheless if He speaks of Him as the taker-away of sin, it is the “sin of the world”; as the Saviour, He is “the Saviour of the world”; as the bread out of heaven, He gives His flesh “for the life of the world”; as the sent One, that “whosoever” believes on Him should not perish, but have everlasting life; or, as we have seen, as the true light, He is the light for all, “THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD.”