My Soul Waits upon God

  Where can I turn for strength and grace,
    O God, when all around gives way?
  To Thee I come; I seek Thy face;—
    All help from man declines today;
  As vanity his best estate!
    On Thee alone my soul shall wait.

    Thou hast redeemed us by the blood
    Of Jesus, Thy beloved Son:
  And far beyond the stormy flood
    Of earthly ills, the heights He’s won:
  Should rising torrents ne’er abate.
    On Thee, O God, my soul shall wait.

    The earth beneath, the heavens above,
    And all their families Thou hast made!
  More rich the wisdom and the love,
    The glory, might and power that laid
  Redemption’s firm foundations great!
    On Thee alone my soul doth wait.

    Silent before Thee, quiet, still!
    My Stay and my Salvation Thou;
  FATHER, I call Thee; ’tis Thy will
    That we should have free access now,
  The Spirit gives the strength and state
    To draw so near and on Thee wait.

    And this I find,—as thus I know
    The grace that comes alone from Thee,—
  My soul mounts up from ills below;
    And power increased Thou givest me
  To lay aside each hindering weight,
    As still my soul on Thee doth wait.

    The morning breaks! what grace abounds!
    I onward run to Christ the goal!
  My way the light of day surrounds!
    Now I may walk with God until
  I pass within the heavenly gate,
    To be with Him on whom I wait:

    To fly, to run, to walk,—ah, this
    Is known to him that turns to God,
  Whose strength in secret thus is his,
    To tread the path that Jesus trod:
  And though this way some enter late,

    On God alone we still may wait.