Only on Thee I’d Wait

Psalm 62; “The ‘Only’ Psalm”

  Only on Thee my soul would wait—
    My Stay and my Salvation Thou,
  My God, whose grace and glory great,
    And love, are known in Jesus now:
  Only on Thee I’d wait.

  Only on Thee!—when rising tides
    Of human ills lift up the head;
  When no one else the torrent bides;
    When all the fearful floods have fled—
  Only on Thee I’d wait.

  Only!—for Thou, my God; ne’er fails
    The soul that trusts alone in Thee:
  My bark the dangerous deep still sails,
    And peace and power Thou givest me:
  Only on Thee I wait.

  Only!—for Thou art God alone,
    And at his best man is but frail
  Both strength and grace attend Thy throne;
    Thy truth and peace can never fail:
  Only on Thee I wait.

  Only on Thee my soul is cast;
    ’Midst storms my anchor shall not slip:
  On Thee, my Rock, faith’s cables fast
    Take hold, and Thou dost hold the ship
  Only on Thee I wait.

  Only!—and I shall ne’er be moved;
    For all my strength from Thee is sent:
  With, everlasting love I’m loved
    By Thee—and ’tis my soul’s intent
  Only on God to wait.