Rendered Fruitless

Many who once served the Lord well have been spoiled for His service and rendered fruitless by being caught by one or other of those evil currents that are flowing so strongly in Christendom, legality and lawlessness. Let us beware of them. I was travelling by train one summer evening to a neighbouring town with the gospel, and as I sat reading, a small silky seed carrier floated in through the open window and lighted upon my book. God had constructed that tiny carrier so that it should bear upon the Summer breeze the seed to which it was attached to suitable soil, that it might there become fruitful. The current of the express train, however, had caught it, and there it lay upon my book useless for the purpose for which it was made. I stuck it to the inside of the cover of my book, and prayed that I might not be caught in any of the evil currents which are running so strongly in Christendom today and that are rendering useless so many. The little seed carrier is still where I put it years ago. Fruit, a hundredfold or a thousand-fold, might have come from it by this time; but it is fruitless, and useless too, except as a warning to me and to you to keep clear of every evil current. All our salvation and preservation is in Christ Jesus.