“That Day”

  Onward our steps we urge to gain
  That day! That day!
  When justice, peace and joy shall reign,
  When no unwelcome blot shall stain
  The radiant day.
  The upward road we tread to reach
  The goal: it may
  Be rugged, but its toils shall teach
  Divinest lessons to us each
  For that glad day.
  To honour, thanks and glory found
  When ends the way;
  The trials borne in faith resound
  To God’s own praise where songs abound
  Throughout that day.
  Our feet still forward then would speed
  Without delay,
  Nor Babel’s painted semblance heed,
  For did not Christ our Saviour bleed
  To bring that day?
  And when its dawning greets the eye
  With gorgeous ray,
  The fiends of night and darkness fly
  Before the Lord who draweth nigh
  On that great day.

  In that sweet time when anger’s passed
  Shall Israel say,
  Praise ye the Lord! His doings vast
  Have wrought deliverance at last!—
  Welcome the day!
  ’Tis Jesse’s Offspring, David’s Son—
  Once cast away—
  Who overwhelmed the wicked one,
  Edom profane and Babylon,
  Bringing the day.
  At Armageddon armies great
  In proud array
  Appeared! He smote them, sealed their fate,
  Just retribution of their hate
  On that great day.
  The people in the far-off shores
  Praise God as they
  Embrace His rule, which round them pours
  Rich mercies filling all their stores!
  They hail that day.
  With equity He’ll rule o’er all
  And fear allay.
  The pure in heart and gentle shall
  Upon His Name with blessings call,
  In that bright day.

  Not yet has dawned that glorious reign
  God’s Words portray:
  Their truth, however, is not vain;
  Christ for His saints will come again
  And bring that day.
  Before He comes in power to bring
  His royal sway,
  Swift, like a bird of rapid wing,
  They’ll rise to Him on high, and sing
  Still of that day.
  His love shall then be satisfied:
  In white array
  His bride—the Church for which He died
  Rejoiceth ever at His side
  In endless day.
  Those who desired Him to appear,
  And loved His day,
  Bright crowns of righteousness shall wear,
  And with Him in His glory share
  Throughout that day.
  Angels above in praise unite,
  And hail that day!
  Hosts of the heavens! Orbs of light!
  Glow in your glory! Hail the sight
  Of Christ’s bright day!
  Forward and upward let us press
  Until that day.
  God’s grace, which called us, let us bless,
  And hasten onward to possess
  That glorious day.