The Bread of Life

  “Jesus, our food from heaven Thou art,
    To feed us on our heavenward way:
  The Bread of life, our present part,
    Affords fresh grace and strength each day:
  And Thou dost give our souls to know
  The love which makes them overflow.

  ’Tis known in Thee, that heavenly love;
    It brought Thee here that we might live:
  It brought Thee from its home above,
    Thy flesh and blood for us to give.
  This is the love divine we know;
  With grateful praise our hearts o’erflow.

  The corn of heaven, the mighty’s meat,
    Fresh fell for Israel every day;
  Upon the dew, this food so sweet
    Came down, and round about them lay:
  The heavenly type of Him we know,
  Whose love has made our hearts o’erflow.

  Thus on our journey home we’re fed,
    And strengthened by the living Bread;
  Whilst to the feast above we’re led,
    Which God our Father there has spread;
  Where deeper still His love we’ll know,
  And sweeter songs shall richly flow.

  Then Lord, like Thee in God’s abode,
    The journey ended here below:
  The Bread which fed us on the road,
    As “hidden manna” we shall know.
  Thy grace and love our lips shall show,
  Their melody to Thee o’erflow.