The Father’s Glorified

  Oh, Jesus, Lord, Son of the Father’s love,
    Exalted high, o’er all things Head, above:
  Thrones, powers, dominions—put beneath Thy feet,
    Shall soon Thy glory great with gladness greet

  Yet even now we have our part with Thee,
    Ere yet the nations wake Thy power to see:
  There in the Father Thou art glorified.
    And in His love our hearts may now abide.

  Once far from God, in darkness, dead in sin,
    We spurned the grace that sought our hearts to win:
  But Thou, blest Lord, did’st break the fatal spell,—
    Die for our sins, and save our souls from hell.

  Raised from the dead, ascended now Thou art!
    With Thee before the Father we have part:
  In His great love and favour we are blest
    In Thee,—His Well-Beloved, His Joy and Rest.

  He loved Thee before the world was made,
    Amidst a glory which can never fade:
  Now Thou hast brought Thine own that love to share,—
    The Father’s love, whose Name Thou did’st declare.

  And ’tis the Holy Spirit who dost guide
    Our willing hearts to see Thee glorified:
  We honour Thee, the Father’s glorious Son,
    Whose sufferings; great redemption’s glory won.

  All things are Thine! the glory He has given
    Into Thy mighty hands,—in earth and heaven:
  And Thou hast given that glory great and wide
    To those the Father did to Thee confide.

  We worship here, before that day doth break
    In shining splendour, when each tongue shall wake
  To sing Thy glories through creation vast,—
    Nor shall it end while Thy perfections last.