The Hearing Ear

When there is a drift from anything which was set up by God, the appeal is to the individual and the words, “He that has ears to hear, let him hear,” are often employed. This is very noticeable in the Gospel by Matthew, and it is an important word for us today. We are to “hear what the Spirit says TO THE CHURCHES!” if we have an ear to hear (Rev. 2:3). Unregenerate ecclesiastics formulate rules and principles, and call upon us to hear them! Degenerate churches tell us that we must listen to them! God says we are to hear what is said “to the churches” by the Holy Spirit! Let us obey God rather than man. In the assemblies the testimony of Jesus is maintained, to turn the hearts of the real to Himself (Rev. 22:16-17). The presentation of His glory and His love set their affections towards Himself in motion; and the Spirit of Truth is here to keep Him before us. The mere ecclesiastic speaks much of church dignity and order; but not of the glory and love of the Son; nor of His new commandment to His disciples, “Love one another.”