The Son of the Father

  Father, Thy Son with deep delight
    Rejoices ever in Thy sight,
  His hour of suffering now is o’er,
    His sorrows passed for evermore;
  He dwells before Thy face on high,
    And by His blood are we brought nigh.

  His place of favour now is ours,
    Where heavenly grace around us showers
  Blessings divine and riches true,
    The Spirit is the Earnest too
  Of our inheritance above
    In Him, Son of the Father’s love.

  Father, the glory Thou hast given
    To Jesus, Thy beloved One,
  He has bestowed on us, foreknown,
    Thy gracious counsels, too, has shown;
  Our God and Father we would praise
    And bless Thy Name in sweetest lays.

  And, oh, Thy Love known—long before
    Its glorious dress Creation wore—
  By Thy blest Son, by Him alone,
    Has now been made by Thee our own;
  We raise our song on high as one,
    We bless the Father and the Son.