Trees of Scripture

1. “The Thorn”

Where rise the trees in leafy dress of pleasing colours, form and grace, where gardens fair the vision bless, there thorns and thistles find a place. To toiling men they sadly tell how their mean presence came at first, how Adam heeded Eve and fell. Sin seized earth’s lord and earth was cursed: with briers and brambles spread they signify to all in symbol sorrowful—sin’s base and hurtful thrall (Gen. 3:18.)

  Though man had sinned God did not leave
  Devoid of hope his troubled soul,
  The woman’s Seed should power receive
  And break the tempter’s dread control.

  The “Thorn-bush” might be wrapped in flame,
  Yet Moses saw ’twas not consumed,
  For midst its thorns Jehovah came
  To tell that thraldom’s might was doomed.

A wondrous sight! the sign divinely given to men that our thrice holy God in grace can bless again (Gen. 3:18).

  Becoming flesh, “the Word” came down
  To Israel, and a world of need.
  Their griefs and sorrows made His own
  In sympathy, the weak He freed.

  If Adam felt earth’s thorny curse
  The Lord a deeper anguish knew:
  Scorn, mocking, hate, and even worse—
  The tree where men the Saviour slew.

  Wearing the crown of thorns
  He did the curse sustain,
  Died for our sins, and rose
  In life o’er all to reign (John 1:14; Matt. 8:17; 2).

  Exalted high! crowned on the throne!
  He soon will catch the assembly up!
  Then save the scattered nation known
  As His, and fill with joy their cup!

  The Gentile trees shall clap their hands,
  All thorns and thistles pass away,
  For Israel’s King to all the lands
  Brings gladness by His righteous sway!

  Behold, the once sad earth with smiles her increase yields,
  While flowers and fruits with foliage rich adorn her fields (1 Thess. 4; Isa. 55:12; 35).

2. “The Almond Tree”

“And I said, I see the rod of AN ALMOND TREE. Then said the Lord to me, Thou hast well seen: for I will HASTEN my word to perform it” (Jer. 1:11-12).

  Speed, Lord, the glad fruition of God’s unchanged design,
  Fill all the earth with glory, let heavenly radiance shine.
  Hasten the days of beauty as hastes the almond tree,
  Give truth and peace like flowers, and fruits in full degree.

  Yet though we wait earth’s summer, as for the seasons fair,
  Open to faith’s keen vision the greater glories are
  Ere spring unrolls her treasures the almond earlier blows,
  Ere serrate leaf adorns her, her welcome blossom grows.

  Bright in the Sanctuary holy the lamp of God was seen,
  Its flowers and cups like almonds had knops of gold between.
  There in the radiant brightness riches of light were shown,
  Fruit of the Spirit’s fullness to faith and love foreknown (Ex. 25:33).

  Within the very Holiest was Aaron’s favoured rod,
  Which yielded buds and almonds, commanded by our God;
  And though we cross the desert, Christ lives within the veil,
  Our Priest who now sustains us, whose grace and power prevail” (Num. 17:8).

We haste to reach the home and, for ever then to dwelt with Him who died to save us in love unspeakable. Then, Lord, Thy Word shall hasten the promise to complete—earth hails Messiah’s glory, His reign its praises greet!